It’s time for there to be a shift in the way we look at advertising. Gone are the days of old where invasive ads were the best way to sell things.

You can’t just bombard people with products anymore, especially with the advent of things like Facebook and mailing lists which just continuously tell people that they should purchase X product.

When it comes to the ad world, things are rapidly shifting as the world becomes more cluttered with your run of the mill PPC ads.

But there is a new way for those companies out there who want to make their advertising dollars really matter. This new way is the digital way, known as influencer marketing.

An influencer is someone who has an online persona and has a collection of followers who listen to what he or she has to say. These online influencers shape the thoughts and opinions of people on a daily basis.

Ad companies are pouring millions into these people knowing that the connection between an influencer and their audience provides extreme value.

why invest in influencer marketing infographic

So why invest in influencer marketing?

Simply put, because most people don’t trust advertisements anymore. An advertisement is specially engineered to convince a person to part with their hard money over some product by using flare and spin.

But the problem is that if someone knows that you are advertising to them, they will have their guard up.

Unless they are already a fan of the product, it is hard to get them to consider buying what you have compared to the thousands of other products that are on sale.

71% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product if it is mentioned by a social media influencer

This is where influencers come in.

Statistics about influencer marketing show that that 86% of women look at social media before they purchase a product.

More statistics about influencer marketing shows that 71% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product if it is mentioned by a social media influencer. Why is that? Because an influencer is someone who people trust. Influencers aren’t beholden to any system.

They develop organically through their own initiative, building their social media platform to garner a large amount of viewers.

They aren’t dependent on some corporate source to stay afloat, nor do they answer to a content management system like a cable network.

Therefore, the fans can trust an influencer to be honest with them because the relationship is very close. An influencer is only beholden to his followers, no one else.

This means that when an influencer holds up your product and extols the virtues of it, people will be more inclined to purchase your product.

And that is the answer to the question why invest in influencer marketing. Influencers will sell your product better and faster than through any other traditional marketing method.

Influencer marketing is also cheaper than you would think too.

While an advertising firm might end up spending millions upon millions to run targeted ads on television and Facebook, you can save a lot more money by working with an influencer.

Since there are many influencers online, people who are working to create their own content and share it with the world, you can look for hyper-specific niches. One great example of a niche market that you can focus on is what’s known as the “unboxing market.

Unboxing, if you aren’t familiar with the term, is where someone one YouTube opens up a package and then explains what they find.

They usually review the product, the packaging type, the size, what’s inside, etc. This might sound rather strange to those who aren’t fully aware of the digital revolution’s effects, but did you know that a single video with an unboxing can garner millions of views?

Imagine getting your products to a popular unboxer on YouTube, allowing them to do the advertising for you without coming across as sleazy or insincere?

There is tremendous potential when it comes to putting your money into a social media influencer, because while they are often plugged into hyper-niche markets, they usually aren’t at a point where they are collecting large paychecks for their work.

Some of the smaller influencers would just be happy receiving free products from you, cutting down on your advertising cost.

There are many different approaches you can take when it comes to working with an influencer.

For example, you could simply provide them with a financial sponsorship in exchange for a plug on their program or platform, you could actually get them to host an event of yours or you could go as far as provide them with specific content to produce.

It’s important to know that working with an influencer is a lot different from working with a traditional advertising firm, as influencers build their brands around specific personality types.

They aren’t just going to want to take your product and say the pre-written lines you’ve given them, rather they are going to want to use their own unique personality to advertise for your product.

For every dollar invested in influencer marketing, advertisers tend to make over $5

Influencer marketing is a very new thing and it isn’t an exact science yet.

There is a lot of room for experimentation, discovery, and exploration in this field. From small range influencers who have 10-20k viewers to extremely popular influencers who get millions of views per week, there is a price range for every advertiser out there.

You just have to be willing to work with these personalities that can sometimes be a little unpredictable. But the numbers don’t lie. For every dollar invested in influencer marketing, advertisers tend to make over $5.

These are incredible returns for any investor out there that only come from the powerful organic marketing force known as influencers.

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