We’ve thought long and hard about how to create a valuable community at influence.co that’s focused on encouraging professional development and fostering more authentic relationships, and we felt that enabling members to choose topics to post to would help spark engaging discussions. Here are examples of what we see being posted in each topic.


This topic was created to provide a forum where influencers, businesses, and industry professionals of all sizes and experiences could give and seek advice from peers. Are you a newer influencer looking to authentically grow your audience from scratch? Posting in the “Advice” topic would be a great way to leverage the experience of more established influencers. Or maybe you’re a business owner and you don’t know how to reach out to influencers? Use the “Advice” topic to gain valuable experience from other businesses who have talked to dozens of influencers.

Best Practices

There are all sorts of collaborations that form on influence.co, and there are different methods to making them successful. “Best Practices” is a place to share those methods and discover what has worked best for others. One business may have found that having a weekly meeting with an influencer for an ongoing collaboration has been effective, and this topic would enable them to share that. Or, an influencer may have a way they organize their deliverables for a partner and feels that it would benefit others in the community. “Best Practices” should foster higher quality content and ultimately better collaborations.


This is exactly what it implies – a place to introduce yourself to the community! How long have you been on influence.co? In what area do you have the most influence? What are you looking to gain by being a part of the influence.co community? Let others know who you are and make even more meaningful connections.

Meetups and Events

If you’re looking to network with other community members in person, choose the “Meetups and Events” topic to organize your offline meeting. If you’re in Atlanta and want to organize a meetup with other Atlanta influencers, here’s your space to do it. Or, maybe you’re a business with an event coming up and you want to recruit some community members to come? It’s so important in our online world to make in-person connections, and we want to give you the space to build those.


It may seem a little taboo to talk openly about money, but with it being an unavoidable part of our industry, we know our members need a place to discuss it. If you’re a business and don’t know what kind of budget to set for a campaign, choose the money topic to gain insight from others who have done it. If you’re an influencer and are trying to negotiate a rate with a business for a brand new collaboration, others influencers may be able to guide you in how to navigate that negotiation.


Want to share some exciting news from within the influencer industry? Choose this topic to share links to news sources and stay up to date with all the stories coming out in our industry everyday.


There are so many influencers and businesses doing great work everyday, and we know everyone wants to show that off! This is a chance to give props to someone in the community who’s created something great. Businesses specifically, this is a great way for you to show off the incredible content your influencers have created for you.


Mental health is extremely relevant in the influencer industry right now, and everyday, more and more people are starting to discuss their struggles openly online. We know how much pressure influencers are under, so we want to create an open and supportive community where everyone can share what’s on their minds, encourage each other to practice self-care, and work together towards building a healthier industry.

Tech & Tools

Have a software you love using to edit your images? Want to share the best tips and tricks you’ve learned using different technologies to create better content for brands? “Tech & Tools” is your way to share about what’s helped you do what you do best.

One last thing…

Please remember to thoroughly read our Posting Policy before making a post to the community.