What Account Type Am I

The influencer industry has many types of participants in it. influence.co has four account types to address these different needs. This guide should help you decide which account type to select. Its important to remember that influence.co pairs you to an account type with the Instagram account name used to authenticate when you create an account. However, you can switch your account type at any time.

Influencer – Select this account type if the Instagram account you’re authenticating is the actual influencer account. This is the account you want brands to reach out to and the account where collaborations with them are performed (e.g. @zachking)

Brand – Select this account type if the Instagram account you’re authenticating is the primary profile for your brand’s product or services (e.g. @adidas). This account type can accept applications from influencers for campaigns and partnerships, search for influencers to work with and contact influencers using influence.co. 


Agency – There are many types of agencies. This account type is designed for talent agencies, modeling agencies, management companies, blogger networks, or any Instagram account that represents more than one influencer (e.g. @one1k)

Representative – Many of our members use influence.co to represent others. They may work for a digital marketing agency and want to reach out to influencers on behalf of brands that work with that agency. They may work for a brand and want to reach out from their personal account. They may represent an influencer (e.g. they are the owner of a pet account). Use this account type if the Instagram account you’re authenticating is your personal Instagram account but your purpose for using the system is for someone else. If you are not sure what account type to choose, this is probably the best account type to start with.


Account types are important for three reasons:

  1. Account types show up only in their respective searches (e.g. brands will not show up in influencer search results)
  2. Certain account types are featured in sections of the influence.co website
  3. Each account type is presented slightly differently to the public and may contain different information (e.g. brand pages let you showcase your products and services from Instagram only, influencer accounts let you show off your collaborations from many social networks)


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