Today marks the 1 year anniversary of We started out as nothing more than a simple newsletter about the industry. It’s been an incredible year since then and it seems only yesterday we sat down and asked ourselves what else was wrong or missing in the influencer space. We came up with a few core ideals and those became the foundation of what we set out to build:

  • Influencers needed a public place to show off their digital media kits and to highlight all the collaborations they have worked on. Sites like LinkedIn just don’t work for the influencer space and agency-like companies hid influencers and their amazing work behind walled gardens. By being open, we’ve grown to 40K members and become one of the biggest platforms for influencers in a fraction of the time closed networks took to get there.
  • Influencers will take initiative when given the tools to do so. Collaborations come from both direction – brands reaching out to influencers and influencers reaching out to brands. Since we launched brand pages only a few weeks ago, we’ve seen over 4000 applications to brand campaigns from influencers. Expect more of this soon!
  • Influencers should be able to take their influence anywhere, especially off our platform. With embeddable influencer cards, public profiles, and our ENGAGE chrome extension everyone can see your influence where it’s most relevant to them.
  • If you build free and useful tools, users will spread the word for you. We did and they did. Almost all of our growth to date has been organic and it’s only increasing in speed. Thank you to everyone who mentioned us to a friend, put us on their Instagram bio, or tweeted an article about us – it’s been simply amazing.

Those basic ideals have fueled the incredible growth we saw this year and I expect we’ll go back to them over and over as we navigate our second year.

To kick off our second year off we are launching our first paid product: PRO. Our PRO product is the culmination of a year’s worth of listening to our users, running many campaigns ourselves, and trying to understand how different users look at the profession of influencing. We have learned from up-and-comers who are looking for as much data and access as they can to help get a leg up on their first collaborations. We’ve talked to huge, experienced, brand name influencers who struggle to reduce the noise in the industry and keep on top of emerging trends. We’ve talked to representatives for brands and agencies who spend hours and days in spreadsheets just trying to pull together a group of influencers to run a campaign. We’ve talked to brands who find the reality of influencer marketing to be much more complicated than the bylines of the articles they read. All of these conversations we have taken something from and put it into the product. While there is much more to come in the PRO product, we think you’ll really love some of the features we’re starting with and we suspect you might even find them indispensable once you use them.

While today it’s likely we may take a short break to celebrate our success and dwell on what we’ve accomplished, I can promise once we’ve blown out our candles we’ll be right back to work trying to bring the best free and premium tools we can to the industry.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to email me directly at [email protected].

Sincerely and thanks again!

Niel Robertson

CEO and co-founder,