Influencer marketing is becoming more common than ever in the online marketing sphere.

Almost three-quarters of all marketers have spent some of their budgets on reaching out to and working with social media influencers and digital content creators.

And that’s no surprise!

It’s been estimated that utilizing the power of influencers can bring eleven times the average ROI that’s produced by using traditional marketing methods.

The way of the past is using flyers and other physical marketing methods to bring more customers to your business.

If your marketing team isn’t focusing most of their efforts on digital marketing (including social media marketing), then that’s something to change.

However, even if you have made the switch to working with influencers, your marketing team might be making a few common mistakes that are lessening your potential marketing impact.

The Top Mistakes You’re Making in Influencer Marketing

Keep reading to learn about these mistakes and learn more about why your influencer marketing matters!

Focusing too much on the product and too little on the experience

Whenever a business starts out with a new influencer branding strategy for the first time, they might think that it’s all about getting their product in front of more eyes.

And yes, your end goal might be to sell more of your products and make a more substantial profit (as it should be!).

However, there’s so much more than just your product when you’re working with influencers.

One of the first mistakes that companies make is putting influencers in a box when it comes to their product or products.

Make sure to give your influencers enough space to be creative and let their own experiences shine through their content.

Their personality might be a bit different from your overall branding campaign, and that’s entirely OK!

Having the wrong expectations based on sheer follower numbers

Many marketers will go through various influencers and merely choose those influencers for their campaign who have the most significant followers on Instagram or Twitter.

In today’s social media world, it’s entirely possible for someone to have 100K followers on Instagram, but in reality, a majority of those “followers’’ were bought online.

That’s why it is crucial for influencer marketers to do further research into these numbers and look at engagement on content, rather than just follower numbers.

If an influencer has 100K followers, but only receives around 1K comments and likes per photo, then that’s a red flag.

Setting short deadlines for influencers to submit content

Many marketers don’t think hard enough about the content creation process when working with influencers.

They believe that you can just get influencers on board with a campaign that works overnight.

Content creators need enough time to do their work correctly.

When you give influencers enough time to work, the content they create will be even more stunning than it would have been if you had rushed them.

Not knowing how to measure success in campaigns

What do you think is the best method to use when you measure the success in influencer campaigns?

How do you know when things have gone well? Could they have been a bit better?

This is a big mistake that many marketers make after influencer campaigns – they didn’t set up proper measurements of success for their campaigns ahead of time.

One of the best ways to measure success is to have your influencers send over their “insights’’ for their content after posting.

These insights (like Instagram Insights or Google Analytics) will show you exactly how many people were reached by the content and whether they followed through on the action steps or not.

Of course, you will also be able to check out your product sales and see if there are any visible differences over the months after your influencer marketing campaign.

Not learning the latest influencer marketing strategies and using them

So many marketers have forgotten that education is one of the most critical parts of the process.

Without keeping up with the latest trends in digital marketing and influencer marketing, marketing teams are not going to be prepared to keep up with the tide.

This is because this new field of marketing is changing faster than ever before.

Social media networks are always coming up with new features and ways for content creators to do their work.

New trends are popping up that everyone goes crazy over.

Without knowing about these latest updates and trends, your marketing team can’t be as efficient as they could be.

Failing to take the time to research influencers before speaking with them.

As mentioned in prior points, many marketers just look at follower numbers when choosing their influencers for their next campaign.

Not researching influencers properly before emailing them is one of the biggest mistakes that are made in this field.

Your marketing team should be going through an influencer’s content, checking out what their engagement looks like, what brands they have worked in the past, what they have been doing lately, and how they engage with their audience.

This will give you the best idea of how to approach influencers with your proposal and increase the chance that they will hop on board.

Being reluctant to adequately compensate creators.

Looking at your marketing budget, you might be wondering how much money you should be spending on content creators.

Your influencer campaigns are super important for your company, but you might be wary to pay tons of money to influencers.

This is the wrong mindset to have.

Digital content creators and influencers are just like anybody else in the world – they want to earn money according to the work that they do.

Contrary to popular opinion, digital influencers put a lot of work and investment into their content.

When you properly compensate influencers based on their rate and what content they’re producing, then you will not only get better content for your business, but you’ll gain loyalty from these influencers for future campaigns.

Not putting enough trust into influencers and their content creation skills.

Lastly, many marketers just don’t trust influencers.

Many still see them as young kids with a simple hobby of taking photos, streaming videos or putting up fun things on Twitter.

However, today’s influencers are business people.

They are creating content because they love the work that they do and no matter their age, are going to be professional when doing it.

Bottom Line

If you put trust in your influencers, you are going to have a much easier time generating great content and bringing more customers to buy your products.

If you’ve noticed that you or your marketing team are making these top mistakes in influencer marketing, then it’s time to take charge and change things for the better.