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Reasons Why Instagram Influencers Should have a Business Account

In a survey conducted by Hashoff, 87.1% of influencers voted Instagram as their preferred choice for campaigns in 2018.

The staggering number speaks to the effectiveness of Instagram as an influencer platform.

Most influencers use Instagram, but the question they need to be asking is whether or not they should be using a business account.

Personal accounts have their own merits, but they will only get you so far.

If you’re serious about the impact you want to have as an influencer, consider making the switch to a business account.

To help you decide, we’ve compiled this list of reasons you should do so:

1. Insights

After converting to a business account, the first thing you’ll notice is access to important analytics via the Insights option.

You can view key metrics like impressions, reach, clicks to your website, and profile views directly on the app.

In addition to the overall statistics, you can even check details about individual posts you’ve shared.

But you’ll only be able to view details of the posts after making the switch to a business account.

You can also view follower information, including a breakdown of their genders, age ranges, locations, and when they are active.

Instagram business accounts for influencers

With this treasure trove of information at your fingertips, you can derive actionable insights.

Data analytics are the key to optimizing your Instagram strategy so that you can improve your engagement and reach.

2. Advertisements

Instagram advertising is a good way for you to grow your following, boost brand visibility, and generate leads.

And having an Instagram business account makes it easier to create and promote ads.

All you need to do is click on a post and select the “Promote” option.

You can add a call-to-action button, choose a particular demographic to target, a budget, and the ad’s duration.

Having a business profile also increases the chances of your promotional post turning up in people’s feeds.

And you don’t need to invest a lot to get more out of your ads.

All it takes is a better understanding of your target audience.

And access to insights helps you understand your target audience better.

3. First Contact

Prior to Instagram business accounts, followers could only engage with businesses by clicking on the website link in their profiles.

You could only hope that they would take the time to look up your contact details on the website.

But business profiles have changed all that.

You can now provide a direct link to your contact information on your profile page.

80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand on the platform.

That leaves you with a very big potential audience.

You want to tap into those vast reserves by making it easier for them to get in touch with you.

With the “Contact” option available on business profiles, you can invite users to connect with you to learn more about you.

4. Identity

If the purpose of your Instagram account is to support your business, then it should identify as one.

As it is with most social media platforms, there’s no clarity on how Instagram’s ranking algorithm works.

But one thing can be said for certain – business profiles tend to rank higher and are more likely to show up in a feed.

More importantly, the simplest way to use Instagram to support your business is to let people know you are one.

By switching to a business account, you tell people you’re looking to sell your services and how they can contact you if they are interested.

How to Switch to a Business Account

To check if you’re eligible for a business account open your profile in the app.

Upon opening your profile, if you get a message asking you to switch to a business profile, it means you’re eligible for it.

Click on “Learn More” if you’re interested, otherwise you can opt to click on “I’m not a business” and the pop-up should go away.

If, however, you want to make the switch you can do so by following the steps listed below:

1.Go to the options page of your Account.

2.Near the bottom of the options page under, you’ll notice the option to switch to a Business Profile.

instagram business profile accounts

3.Go through all of the information of the features you will now have access to with a business account.

4.Assuming you already have a business page on Facebook, connect your Instagram account to said page. This is crucial as Instagram get its billing information from here.

5.If it isn’t already configured on your Facebook page, key in your business information like address, contact number, and email.

Influencers who should switch to a business account on instagram

And that’s that.

You’re good to go and explore your new business profile.

If at any point, you want to switch back to a personal account, it’s pretty straight-forward too.

You’ll find the option to switch back in the Business Settings section on the options page.

Final Thoughts

As an Instagram influencer, higher engagements and impressions are your bread and butter.

Switching to a business profile will make that job, especially the analytics of it, a whole lot easier for you.

And it’s recommended that you do.

We hope this article was able to address any questions or concerns you might have had about it.

But if you’d still like to learn more about Instagram business accounts, you can always use Influence.co to interact with other influencers and ask them about it.

Message Inbox

Today we introduced a long-awaited feature – Message Inbox

When we started influence.co, making it easy to contact influencers was a primary mission of ours.

Most companies in the space required you to fill out lengthy sign up forms to even see who was in their network (most still do).

We pioneered the concept of public profiles where influencers could make themselves freely and easily contactable.

Since then, our community of nearly 70,000 members has developed to include influencers, brands, influencer platforms, digital agencies and reps who work at them.

Not only do we see brands contacting influencers but we see influencers contacting brands (we have over 6500 brands now), brands contacting digital agencies (we have nearly 1500 agencies), influencers contacting talent agencies, agencies contacting brands, and even influencers contacting other influencers to organize collaborations.

As we have always known, messaging is core to community.

When we started, we kept messaging very simple: initiate a conversation on influence.co and then take the rest of the conversation to email.

That worked well in the start until brands and agencies started talking to 100s of influencers at a time for campaigns.

Having to store and sort emails from 100 influencers gets very hard, very fast – especially because influencers’ email addresses rarely have much to do with their instagram handles.

Just finding an influencer in your email can be tough.

We needed an upgrade.

leaping lady

Today we present the first version of this upgrade.

Message Inbox allows you to have complete conversations with anyone on the system, see information about them while chatting (e.g. their follower count, location, etc..), and access their application history with you and your team.

You’ll see it feels a lot like other business-centric messaging systems and a lot less like email.

We can still notify you of new messages in email so don’t worry, you don’t need to check in 10 times a day.

If you’re an agency, we’ve considered what you and your team might need as well.

The new Message Inbox has a shared inbox model.

Any team member in your agency can see and respond to any conversation and influencers will see both that the conversation is with you and who the actual team member is they are interacting with.

No more fear that valuable conversations are locked in your team members emails or careful planning about who is going to respond to which influencer.

We think these features alone will be transformational for some of our over 1400 agencies.

While we have a lot more in store for Message Inbox in the coming months, we look forward to hearing your feedback on it.

To find your Message Inbox simply look on the menu under your profile picture.


10 Amazing Instagram Feed Themes You Must Try Right Now

With the level of competition on Instagram, to make your page stand out, you need to be willing to go an extra mile.

Whether you’re a brand, an influencer, or someone looking to show their artsy side, you should consider using an Instagram feed theme.

Having an eye-catching theme makes it easier for you to set yourself apart from others in your niche.

More than that, it gives your feed a well-thought-out and professional look.

It mirrors the kind of person or business you are, and helps reassert your brand image.

Having a cohesive look and feel might even cause users to linger on your profile longer and click that all important “Follow” button.

Given what’s at stake, we decided to scour Instagram looking for some brilliant themes.

We’ve compiled this list of our favorites that we think you should consider trying out for yourself.

1. Color Block

If you’re the kind of person who loves color, this is the theme for you.

It’s quite the trend on Instagram right now.

This kind of a color popping gallery adds a young and playful vibe to your page.

You could try using high saturation photos or ones with light pastel colors.

Try to fill as much of the image with bright colors as possible – the bolder the better.

instagram feed ideas

Image via Instagram

2. Minimalistic

A minimalistic theme like the one below leaves your gallery looking neat and organized.

Beautiful to scroll through, it also challenges your creativity as a user.

A key element of such a theme is using negative space photos and fillers.

Sticking to a few key colors will add an additional cohesive element to the theme.

Instagram ideas for your feed

Image via Instagram

 3. Monotheme

If you’re particularly passionate about something, then this theme suits you best.

Posting about a recurring subject will help get the most out of this concept.

This is another theme that requires you to have a creativity game that is on point.

ways to theme your feed

Image via Instagram

4. Color Coordinated

Color coordinated themes have a way of looking gorgeous in their own right.

Choose a color palette that you like, and make that your theme.

Work around one, two, or three central colors.

Opting for this will require a great deal of strategy and planning on your part.

You’ll have to ensure that all the photos you post on Instagram have a color from your palette in it.

Coordinating your instagram theme

Image via Instagram

5. Black and White

Now, this is a classic, and you simply cannot go wrong with this one.

Easy to produce, it makes for a powerful statement.

Without any color distraction, it allows your followers to appreciate the theme and subject of the photo.

It depicts a certain rawness of the subject.

You can even experiment with it using different textures, shadows, unique camera angles, and silhouettes.

It’s the ideal theme for your thought-provoking and inspiring works of brilliance.

Ideas for instagram feed

Image via Instagram

6. Flatlays

Flatlays are a recurring theme with brands wanting to showcase their products.

It is the art of taking a photo from above.

These are particularly rare, and will add a different flavor of uniqueness to your Instagram feed.

If you want to tell your story in one quick snap, flatlays are a great way to go about it.

Let your imagination run wild, and share with the world snippets of your life.

This could range from a product or your hobby, to plates of food or the outfit you plan to wear that day.

how to theme your instagram feed

Image via Instagram

7. Color Splash

Although this one calls for some time and effort, it’s arguably the most creative Instagram theme on this list.

The concept revolves around making everything in a photo black and white with the exception of one or two highlighted colors.

It might require you to polish up your photo editing skills, but it will be totally worth it.

Have a look at just how brilliant it can be.

creative ideas for your instagram feed

Image via Instagram

8. Same Filter and Tint

Another relatively easy way to achieve consistency and cohesiveness in your feed is to use the same filter and tint in all of your photos.

In an instant, your gallery will start looking more organized and well thought out.

Play around with a few filters till you find one that suits you best.

Subsequently, that will become your trademark.

It makes you more recognizable, and people will know it’s a post by you the second they see it in their feeds.

Like Doen and their vintage Bohemian look and feel.

filter ideas to organise your instagram feed

Image via Instagram

9. Puzzle

This is a really big undertaking.

Your feed fits 9-12 photos before someone needs to scroll down to view the next set of posts.

Fill all of those tiles with small slices of the same photo.

They need to be carefully organized, but if done properly, the visual appeal is unmatched.

This is something brands typically use for any big announcements they might have.

The trickiest part of implementing something like this is maintaining a high-quality image after you’ve split it.

You also need to ensure that every individual photo makes sense by itself.

instagram puzzle feed ideas

Image via Instagram

10. Checkerboard

Often also called the “tile theme,” this can make your Instagram feed look very chic.

The idea is to use each square as a tile.

A popular way of implementing it is to share a photo and quote alternatingly.

This makes you look consistent and allows followers to know what you will post about next.

And you don’t necessarily have to use quotes either.

You could use a drawing, an emoji, or even the title of your next blog post.

checkerboard feed instagram themes

Image via Instagram


These Instagram feed themes are a sure fire way for you to keep your audience engaged and growing.

With a little effort and some planning, you’ll stand out from the rest of the crowd.

And as an influencer or a brand, you’ll outshine others in your niche.

And if you’re looking for more tips or ideas, you could always use Influence.co to connect with other influencers.

What is an Instagram Shadow Ban?

You might have heard the term “Instagram shadow ban” being used quite a lot recently.

You might also know that it can have an impact on your reach and engagement on Instagram.

But what exactly is an Instagram shadow ban, and how does it affect your performance on the platform?

We’ve decided to give you a more detailed look at the issue so you can make preparations to avoid or fix it.

When you have been affected by an Instagram shadow ban, your hashtags will no longer be discoverable by people who don’t follow you.

You may be able to use hashtags, but your posts will only show up in your existing followers’ hashtag feeds.

This means you will no longer be able to attract a new audience, even when you’re using relevant hashtags.

So your post reach and engagement will naturally decline.

How to Tell If You’ve Been Shadow Banned

There are some common symptoms of shadow banning such as:

  • Lower engagement rates
  • Fewer comments
  • Decrease in impressions
  • Decrease in reach
  • Slowed follower growth

However, experiencing all of these problems doesn’t necessarily mean you have been affected by an Instagram shadow ban.

To make sure you’re experiencing shadow banning, you will need the help of a friend.

Ask them to unfollow you and then search for a hashtag that you’ve used in a recent post.

If the post doesn’t show up in their search results, it means you’ve been affected.

It’s probably worth using an uncommon hashtag so you post will appear close to the top of Instagram’s hashtag search results.

What Causes an Instagram Shadow Ban?

Although Instagram hasn’t released any official information about the cause of shadow banning, it’s obvious that a violation of their terms of use would be one of the main reasons.

Here are some possible reasons why you may get shadow banned on Instagram:

Buying Followers, Using Bots, or Using Automated Services

If you’re using an application that violates the terms of service of Instagram, there’s a good chance you will get shadow banned.

This includes using bots to grow your following, automating your posts, or automating your likes and comments.

bots cause shadow ban

In other words, you should avoid using any software that will automate how you engage with other Instagram accounts.

However, this doesn’t include applications that send you a push notification when it’s time to publish a post.

Using Broken or Abused Hashtags

Instagram has millions of people using it on a regular basis.

So there can be limitations in terms of controlling what kind of content people share on the platform.

Even harmless hashtags like #clothing could get overrun with content that’s inappropriate.

When Instagram notices such issues, they remove the hashtag entirely or limit its usage.

So when you use such broken or abused hashtags, your post stands a chance of getting shadow banned entirely.

It will have an impact on the other hashtags you are using in the post. In other words, the post will not show up at all in any of the hashtag searches.

To find out if you’re using a broken or abused hashtag, you will need to conduct a search for the hashtag.

You will still get results, but you wouldn’t be able to view anything beyond the first page.

And as you scroll to the bottom, you’ll get a message as shown in the screenshot below.

Instagram shadow ban

Abusing Daily and Hourly Limits of Instagram

Instagram has a limitation on the number of actions you can take in one day.

This includes the number of photos you like and comment on, as well as the number of accounts you follow and unfollow.

The limitations may vary depending on how long your account has been active.

However, it’s best not to like more than 150 photos in an hour.

Similarly, comments, follows, and unfollows should be limited to 60 per hour.

And you should also avoid activity surges, which may trigger Instagram to shadow ban you.

Being Reported Regularly

The easiest way for Instagram users to warn the platform about an account that’s violating their community guidelines or terms of service is by reporting said account.

And when users find an account that’s infringing copyrights, spamming, or publishing inappropriate content, they may report it.

If your account gets reported regularly, Instagram could end up shadow banning you.

In the worst case scenario, your account may be disabled altogether.


Now you have a clearer idea of what Instagram shadow banning is, and the likely causes of it.

And you also have a better idea how to avoid getting affected.

These insights can help you whether you’re an influencer or you’re running a brand account.

10 Tools the Best Influencers Use

Influencer marketing is not for the faint of heart.

It requires dedication to your craft, passion for work, and perseverance that just does not quit.

We surveyed our influencers and asked them about the most vital tools in their arsenals.

According to research done by Twitter, “20% of users said that a Tweet from an influencer inspired them to share their own product recommendation.”

But how does that tweet get out there?

It needs to be conceptualized, crafted, scheduled, and posted.

Sounds like a lot of work.

How can this be done more easily and with greater reach?

These are some of the most common influencer marketing tools you can use to make sure that your content is effective and achieves maximum reach, engagement, and conversions.

1. FaceTune

tools for influencers

Chances are, if you’re an influencer, people will be seeing a lot more of your face.

Use a tool like FaceTune to help you edit and perfect your photos, so that you look exactly right.

This way, your selfies will fit in perfectly with your feed, and will be consistent with your brand and voice.

2. Later

influencer apps

Specifically crafted with Instagram in mind, Later ensures that your feed is aesthetically pleasing, your posts are going out at the right times, and that you utilize the right hashtags.

It can also help you stay on top of your insights and analytics.


3. Sendible

tools influencers use

Sendible is one of the best social media management tools.

It makes it easier for influencers to manage content.

The key with Sendible is that it makes the process of managing multiple accounts much easier.

It is specifically built for teams, and for managing projects that have a lot of moving pieces.


4. Mendr

10 best tools for influencers

In the same vein as photo editing software, Mendr allows for actual professionals to take your photos and transform them.

All you have to do is submit a request, and a professional will be able to help you the rest of the way.

Especially for influencers who lack the requisite design skills, this can ensure that your content is still on point aesthetically.


5. Followerwonk

10 tools influencers use

For Twitter users, growing your audience can be a tricky proposition.

You want to make sure that you are getting the right people in on the conversation.

Which means that you need to be constantly monitoring who is following you, and how you are reaching people.

Followerwonk can help give you a better feel of other voices out there.

It can also give you information that helps influencers on a daily basis provide more specific content for their audience.


6. Snug

Apps for influencers

Snug operates with a pretty convincing tagline, “Make your Instagram beautiful.”

As an influencer, your goal is to make your Instagram feed pop, and to convince people to follow, to engage, or to convert when they arrive at your profile.

Snug helps by previewing your latest posts to ensure that everything looks good, looks consistent, and looks exactly how you want it – before you post it.


7. SocialRank

most used tools influencers use

How do you know if you’re reaching the right people?

The best influencers are the ones who are able to analyze their audience, target the right people, and make the right connections to build their brands.

How do they do it?

They use tools like SocialRank to perform deep dives into their audiences and who they consist of, where they are in the world, and what they are posting about.


8. BuzzSumo

10 tools for the best influencers

Influencers are always listening.

And the best influencers know not only about the competition – but they keep their ears and eyes open for collaborators to work with.

A tool like BuzzSumo is an easy way to see what other influencers are doing, the kind of conversations they are having, and the best ones to work with.

Not only are you doing market research, but as an influencer, you are also making yourself easier to find.


9. VSCO / Photoshop / Lightroom

tools for the best influencers

Each of these tools helps you design better images for your social media profiles.

While Photoshop and Lightroom are more for the design-inclined, VSCO is an accessible way to ensure that your content looks exactly right.

Photoshop and Lightroom take a little bit more time to learn, but if you are tech savvy or up to the challenge, their amazing features are well worth it.


10. Nuvro

10 tools for the best influencers

Are you getting lost in all of the tasks you have to do, and all of your team calendars?

As an influencer, it’s hard to keep track of everyone – your social media manager, your designer, your coders, video editor, etc.

Nuvro is a project management tool that helps you organize everything in one place.

It’s by far the most affordable and the easiest to use of any organizational tool out there and it’s super powerful.

Use Nuvro to get your entire team on the same page, know what is getting published when, and work on projects together with their document sharing feature.

Recap: The Best Influencer Marketing Tools

These are just some of the best tools that influencers like you can use to create better content, have more meaningful conversations, and understand and chart your growth.

If you’re looking to spread your influence, you should add a few of these to your arsenal.

However, tools will only get you so far.

You still need to be discoverable, get gigs, and get paid.

Now you don’t have to wait for brands to find you.

You can use Influence.co to create your own influencer profile, discover and apply for gigs, and see who’s viewed your profile.

We want to help you get paid, so don’t miss the opportunity.

How to Spot Fake Instagram Followers

The New York Times recently conducted an in-depth investigation into fake followers on social media.

Following the investigation, prominent Twitter users such as Martha Lane Fox and Clay Aiken began losing thousands of followers.

In their more recent report, more than a million followers disappeared from these accounts.

This has confirmed what many people have suspected for a while – that some influencers are buying their followers.

And if you’re a brand that’s looking to work with an influencer, this could have a serious impact on your campaign.

That’s why it’s crucial that you try to quickly assess the fake follower count of potential influencers before you decide to work with them.

If you’re launching a campaign on Instagram, use the following tips to quickly spot whether an influencer has a lot of fake Instagram followers:

Take a Closer Look at Their Followers

There are a few red flags that can help you figure out whether someone has a lot of fake followers, for which you’ll need to conduct an Instagram follower audit.

One of the best ways is to look for followers that have no profile picture and/or haven’t posted anything.

If you see a lot of follower profiles such as these, there’s a good chance the influencer has bought their followers.

You can also look at the list of accounts these followers are following.

If you see a couple of fan-buying accounts among the list, there’s a good chance the influencer is buying fake Instagram followers.

Another easy way to detect if the influencer has fake followers is by going through their comments section.

If the influencer has bought their followers, you’ll find lots of spam comments and comments that are either gibberish or irrelevant.

Take a look at the comments on the following post by an Instagram “influencer” called @calibeachgirl310.

Most of these comments are all very vague and redundant, while some aren’t relevant to the post.

This account has even been exposed as fake in a report by Digiday.

How to spot fake followerrs

Determine the Engagement Rate

Another easy way to determine whether or not an influencer has bought their followers is by checking their engagement rate.

Fake followers hardly engage with a user’s posts, so you’ll find that influencers with high follower count don’t necessarily have a high engagement rate.

You can calculate the engagement rate by adding the total number of likes and total number of comments for the last 10 posts.

Divide the result by the number of followers the user has.

Then multiply the result by 10 and you’ll get the average engagement rate.

If the engagement rate is extremely low, it’s a sign that the influencer might have bought followers.

But what exactly is a good engagement rate?

Check out the Influencer Engagement Map prepared by Influence.co to gain a better understanding of realistic engagement rates.

map of influencer engagement

If you just look at the engagement of Instagram “influencer” @wanderingggirl, you’ll find that there’s a lot of discrepancy in the follower count and engagement rate.

The user has 34.4k followers, but in some of her posts, there are only a few likes.

In fact, her latest post only has 12 likes and it has been several hours since it was posted.

Looking for fake followers

But since some of her earlier posts have a few thousand likes, her average engagement rate stands at 1.9% as of writing this post.

This is another account that has been exposed as fake by the previously-cited Digiday report.

Use the Right Tools

In some cases, the tips mentioned above may not be sufficient to determine whether an influencer has bought their followers.

There may be times when the influencer isn’t just buying followers but also buying likes and comments.

And sometimes, some bot accounts may have spun content that makes them look legitimate.

So it may be difficult to conduct an accurate Instagram follower audit of your potential influencers.

Tools like Social Audit Pro make this job easier by automatically detecting fake followers for different Instagram accounts.

If you find that an influencer has way too many fake accounts following them, it’s a clear sign that you should avoid working with them.


These are some of the best ways you can easily determine whether the influencer you plan to work with doesn’t have enough “real” followers.

It’s important that you always conduct an audit of Instagram followers for each influencer you wish to work with so as to ensure that you’ll make a wise investment.

You can even use the Influence.co platform where you can connect with authentic Instagram influencers in a relevant niche.

How to Do an Instagram Audit

An Instagram audit is one that dives deeper into your online presence.

It analyzes what is going on, what’s working, and what isn’t about this particular channel.

Basically, if you rely on being online to power your business, you should consider an audit.

This could be a business, a side-hustle, or simply evaluating just how “strong” your voice is online.

It helps determine how much influence you have.

You’ll even figure out the conversations you are capable of having – based on those you are currently reaching.


How can you do it?

Here are the eight steps you need to take to perform an effective Instagram audit.


Step 1 – Define Your Goals

Start off with something simple. Start by defining success.

What are you looking to do, and how are you trying to position your profile amongst all of the others?

You might be looking to grow your audience, to promote new products or services, or to drive people to click the link in your bio and convert.

Start with the small stuff and understand why you’re getting started in the first place.


Step 2 – Define Your Audience

How to do an instagram audit

Once you have a better idea of what you want to do, you need to figure out who you want to reach, and who is already consuming your content.

All you need to do is take a look at your Instagram insights, and you’ll start uncovering loads of information to see if you’re targeting the right age, gender, location, and demographics that you want to connect with.


Step 3 – Find Your Voice

Instagram auditing

When it comes to your voice, there’s just one golden rule: be consistent.

Take a look at your bio, your captions, and your responses to comments – do they all sound like they’re coming from the same person?

Consider some of the words you’re using, and think about whether or not they’re capturing the right energy.

Could you make it more professional, more casual, or more reliable?

Last, but not least, your Instagram needs to be consistent with your other channels.

That includes your website and all of your other marketing materials.

Know how you want to sound, and then actually sound like it.

In this instance, you might want to consider a tool like Buffer to keep your social media in one place, so that you can analyze on the fly.


Step 4 – Picture Perfect Quality & Aesthetics

A picture paints a thousand words. And it can also convince your audience to like, comment, and even convert.

The biggest mistake that brands make is not investing in photo quality. How is the lighting in your photos?

Do you utilize good composition and strong editing?

Your photos not only need to be good, but they need to follow a consistent aesthetic (which goes hand in hand with your voice).

The images you choose need to line up with your brand’s style and values.

instagram feed asthetic

Source: Instagram

The image above is from the Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo.

They use lots of muted colors, coupled with high-quality photos, in order to give a real feel for the clothes they are selling.

It helps improve the experience because it gives a better sense of the product, (almost as though you could reach out and touch it yourself).


Step 5 – Be Consistent

How does your feed look?

The best Instagram feeds communicate what they are selling (if they are selling anything) before anyone even clicks on an image or reads a caption.

If your feed looks consistent, your overall presence and effectiveness as a brand will follow suit.

There needs to be a method and, as always, it needs to be consistent.

Instagram aesthetic

Source: Instagram

Look at the example above.

It doesn’t take more than one second to see what Burger King is selling from the look of their Instagram page: burgers.

No matter what you are selling, or what you are trying to promote (even if it’s yourself), it needs to be readily understood and available to the user.


Step 6 – Engagement Review

What does it mean to be engaged?

On Instagram, it means to go through post by post to look and see which posts receive high engagement – and which ones get low.

How do your users respond to certain types of content?

Do they respond to you when you ask questions?

Have you been replying to direct messages?

Determine if your content is engaging, and if it is engaging for the right reasons.


Step 7 – Review Your Followers

You’re going to want to keep a close eye on who’s interested in your content.

Check out your most commenting followers, as well as your most recent adds.

Do they look real or do they look like bots?

Do they figure into your target demographic?

Are these the people you want to target?

instagram follower audit

Do a deep dive into your followers, and gain a bit of perspective about whether or not they are the right ones for you.


Step 8 – Hashtags

Your hashtags are how you help spread the word about your posts.

With that in mind, are they too generic or too specific?

Are they hitting the right mark, or falling flat?

Really understand the best practices when it comes to hashtags, and analyze the ones you’re currently using.



If you’ve ever wondered about how effective your Instagram account is, you need to gain a better understanding of how it is currently performing.

An Instagram audit can help shed some light on your content, your followers, and the power of your voice online.

Social Media Influencer Marketing Case Study: Launch of LG LV20

The social network usage has become increasingly common in today’s world.

According to projections by emarketer.com, the number of social media users in 2021 will exceed 3 billion people.

The social networks have not only revolutionized the way people connect and interact but also the way businesses engage with their customers.

Organizations are using the social platforms in a variety of ways to grow their customer base, engage their customers, and improve their bottom line.

Using Influencer Marketing

A novel application of social media by businesses is in the area of influencer marketing.

This is a marketing strategy whereby organization partners with social media users with a huge following to promote brands and their products.

The organizations are able to take advantage of the creativity of the influencers and the trust relationship they have with their followers to push their business agenda.

The social influencers are a powerful tool for promoting the release of new products, promoting engagement for existing products, and driving awareness among millions of their followers within a very short time.

social media case study

An Instagram post or a tweet can reach millions of followers in an instant and help to significantly drive sales.

Influencers make use of their talents or expertise in a given niche to build an online presence that establishes a loyal audience.

Through this trust relationships, the social influencers have an impact on the behaviors, opinions, and beliefs of their followers including their purchase decisions.

Through influencer marketing, businesses have found a more effective way to reach new, engaged consumers, increase brand awareness, reinforce/cultivate brand identity, and optimize their social media marketing campaigns.

Influencer marketing can be conducted in any of the social platforms.

In this article, we analyze how LG made use of Instagram to promote the release of their new smartphone, LG V20.

With a usage level of over 700 million monthly active users, Instagram influencer marketing is a $1 Billion industry according to mediakix.com.

Instagram was an ideal social media network for LG to demonstrate the advanced camera features of a new smartphone in the market.

This is because the platform has a huge user base used to engage with one another through the use of multi-media content such as photo and short videos.

For a long time LG has invested heavily in a global ambassador program including a cross-section of celebrities and social influencers.

For the release of their LG V20 smartphone, LG partnered with renown photography influencers on Instagram to promote the release.

These included Dylan Furst and Jeremy Cohen among others.

The photographers were commissioned to develop, publish, and promote brand-sponsored Instagram posts showcasing the features of the new smartphone, the primary goal of the campaign being to drive awareness of LG V20.

Influencer marketing case study

In addition to creating awareness, the social influencers were to use their Instagram accounts to educate their followers about the advanced camera features of the new smartphone.

Through this campaign, LG reached more than 3.2 Million followers of the influencers they worked with.

Combined, the influencers posted over 100 times with a cumulative total of over 1.2 Million likes and over 10,000 comments.

Within 10 days of launch, LG reported that they had sold 200,000 LG V20s.

Although it is difficult to tell how many of these were as a result of the Instagram campaign, it is clear that the buzz created by the social influencers on their Instagram accounts may have helped quite some bit.

Why use influence.co?

Influence.co works with brands like LG to connect them to social influencers who can significantly improve their revenue.

Being the world’s largest marketplace for social influencers, hosting over 40,000 of them, Influence.co is the natural partner for businesses looking to leverage on the over 2.7 Billion active users of social media today.

The platform has developed interactive tools to help the businesses and digital agencies to search the extensive database of social influencers.

case study for influencer marketing

The platform users are able to search for influencers based on their age, their follower counts, previous collaborations and so on.

The platform is not limited to a single view of the influencers online presence but rather provides a 360-degree picture of the influencers across all the social platform.

This simplifies the recruitment process since businesses are able to compare the influencers based on some critical statistics.

Additionally, the platform provides businesses with tools to create campaign pages and open applications for influencers to apply.

Through this simplified recruitment process, businesses are able to tap the best talents and most impactful influencers across all the social platforms.

It is worth noting that the Influence.co platform is home to over 4,000 brands and digital agencies reflecting the crucial role it is playing in this sectors.

The platform has become the go-to partner for both the influencers and the brands.

Why Personal Brands Are More Successful on Social Media

If you give it a little thought, it starts to make sense why someone can so easily build a personal brand using nothing more than time, blood, sweat, tears, and social media.

The way that social media is designed makes it easy for your typical everyday user to be connected to exactly what and who they want to interact with.

You might think “Yeah, it works for a personal brand, but it works for big brands too.”.

Now that’s completely true; every brand has their place in the sea of social media, but nothing has flourished more than the, now overwhelming, personal brand market.


What Makes Social Media so Great for Personal Brands?

Like mentioned earlier, the very design, the very essence, of social media sets up an audience for anyone who wants to utilize it.

Every single person or company trying to build their brand has access to the same potential audience.

Simply tag your post with a popular hashtag, and you have suddenly reached an audience of potentially millions of people never before possible without the aid of social media.

This simple tool has allowed people who were previously unheard of to become somewhat of celebrities in their own right.

Comedians, makeup artists, photographers, writers, and people from many other niches have been able to amass followings of hundreds of thousands of people.

These individuals have created, through tireless effort, a beautiful brand that is now essentially self-perpetuating.

The connections made with their audience spread from within their audience to the audience that each one of their followers has, therefore, multiplying their popularity exponentially.

Another facet of social media beyond a mere audience to be tapped is the fact that members of that audience are popular influencers.

Social media makes it possible for influencers to connect with individuals who want to grow their personal brand and help them to make it popular quicker than ever. This leads us into our next section.

How Can a Personal Brand Make The Most of Social Media:

Now, we’ve firmly established that social media is the place for personal brands.

But does this mean that every personal brand will make it big?

Absolutely not.

Why is that? Well, to be blunt, some brands are just better than others.

What do I mean by that?

They treat their personal brand as professionally as large brands treat theirs.

There are ways to utilize social media more effectively. This means that promoting a personal brand on social media is just as complicated as any other kind of marketing technique.

That’s right — technique. Some techniques are good, and some are bad. So let’s go over a few ways that you can be more successful than your competitors on social media.

Pay Close Attention to Influencers in Your Niche

What is your niche?

We mentioned earlier that influencers are of great benefit to each other as well as anyone else trying to build their brand.

Even large companies use influencers to extend their reach; this is no different for a personal brand. Search for and pay close attention to influencers in your niche.

Take a look at what they are doing right and what comments on their posts say about them. From this, you can find what you can do for your own brand.

Once you have properly studied the influencers in your niche, it’s time to reach out to them.

Connecting with other popular users and even collaborating with them can allow their audience to fall in love with you as well. Once you form a relationship with an influencer, take a look at their number of followers.

Every single one of them is someone who is apt to follow people like you, and who is more like you than you. Consider them as the ripest of all audiences to gather into your fold.


Keep Your Brand Consistent

It’s important that you keep your username, profile picture, and content recognizable across platforms.

This makes it easy for users who love you on Twitter to find you on Instagram.

Here are some things you can do to keep your brand consistent:

Develop a theme and stick with it.

For Instagram, this means keeping your photos organized in a way that when a user looks at the overview of your posts, they all look good next to each other.

This might not be entirely possible for every niche, but it’s more likely than not that you can apply this tip in some way or another to make your profile more attractive.

For other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, this relates more to the importance of keeping your content consistent.

Consistent Compelling Content

If you’re a comedian, post comedy; if you’re a photographer, post photography.

If I followed someone to see funny or aesthetic content, do I really want them to suddenly fill my feed with their political views? No.

If I wanted that I would have followed a different account. It’s important to keep in mind.

Come up with a unique tagline.

An interesting tagline that can easily identify an account as uniquely you can really make your brand more consistent.

Think of a short blurb that comes from the soul of your brand, and attach it to each of your accounts in some way or another.

Use the same profile photo for all accounts.

This simple tip makes your account immediately identifiable in a long list of similar accounts.

Remember, social media is a big place; it’s important not to get lost.

Personal Brands Can be Extremely Successful on Social Media.

Not everyone in the world is cut out to create a popular personal brand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

If you’re determined, you can succeed where many others like you have also succeeded.

It’s important to rely on your audience and niche as a community.

Your personal community can grow your brand better than any other marketing tool, and it’s all for free.

Social media is essential for any personal brand.

Without it, they are sure to fail.

How to Use Influence.co to Maximize Your Revenue

With a 2016 eMarketer survey showing that 84% of marketers were planning to launch at least one influencer campaign in the following twelve months, influencer marketing is now at the heart of how businesses conduct their campaigns.

Influencer marketing is creating partnerships with personalities who have significant following and influence in a particular consumer segment.

Social media Influencers can be bloggers, speakers, authors, or experts with an established online presence and a loyal audience in a particular niche.

With over 40,000 influencers and over 1,000 brands enrolled with us, and having reached over a billion people in over 65 countries, influence.co is the world’s biggest platform where influencers, brands, marketers, and agencies connect.

In this article, we analyze how influencers and brands can make use of the tools available in influence.co to grow their ventures and boost their revenue.


Brands often use influencers to grow awareness, affinity, and loyalty.

Because influencers have a broad online presence, they can expose your brand to receptive audiences through the content they create.

At influence.co, we have developed custom tools to help you to recruit and retain the most impactful influencers in order to take your business to the next frontier of growth.

We place at your disposal a database of over 40,000 influencers with a cumulative following of over 1billion followers in all the social media platforms.

We have built a comprehensive search facility to enable you to interrogate this extensive database using various criteria such as age, follower count, previous collaborations and so on.

In addition, we have tools which enable you to analyze and organize the potential influencers you have identified.

These tools allow you to have a 360-degrees view of the influencers across all the social platforms making it easy for you to make comparisons between influencers using several vital statistics.

Moreover, influence.co allows you to create campaign pages where you can display details of your influencer marketing campaigns.

Setup campaign

Through this page, you are able to open applications and simplify the process of recruiting influencers.

Influence.co have easy-to-use communication tools to help you contact influencers and to track the ones you have already reached out to.

Through influence.co, business can easily mobilize effective influencer marketing in any of the following circumstances;

  • Launching a new product: when products are new, it is extremely difficult to make use of product champions to market the products. In such instances, the social influencers who have access to a certain target segment can be used to create a buzz around the new products.
  • Improve brand awareness for existing products: Influencers are content creators who have the trust of their follows and can be used to amplify existing products on visual platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube.


Are you a social media user with a huge following in any of the social media platforms?

Influence.co has something for you too.Influence.co is the world’s largest marketplace for influencers; a place where they come to showcase their work and grow income.

The platform allows you to create profiles of your best work and connects you with potential brands and digital agencies.

We work with over 1,000 leading brands and agencies helping them to recruit the most appropriate influencers for their marketing campaigns.

By joining influence.co, proactive influencers are able to directly connect with your preferred brands and agencies.

Additionally, influence.io has tools which influencers can use to create compelling media kits to marketing their potential.

The media kits can be shared through social media platforms, emails, or sent directly to potential businesses and agencies.

Media kit

Further, influencers are able to view the details of the entities who have viewed their influence.co profiles.

Equipped with such knowledge, you can make informed decisions about the businesses and agents whose campaigns you would like to join.

And that’s not all.

Influence.co provides embedded cards which are updated dynamically.

Consequently, influencers are able to easily access their updated profiles on whichever social media platform they log into.

Bottom Line

Influence.co presents enormous potential for both the social influencers and the businesses grow their income.

Through this platform, the business of social influence has become easier, faster, and more productive for everyone.

By connecting the influencers and the business, the former, on behalf of the latter, are able to create content at the volume and pace that consumers want in the format they want it.

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