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Ways The Government Has Quietly Become Interested In Social Media Usage

A few weeks ago, Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri introduced a new bill entirely devoted to curbing social media addiction. The bill, nicknamed the SMART Act, or the Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology Act, aims to regulate and prohibit common practices that affect almost any and every mobile phone user who engages with social media […]

Why Successful Influencer Marketing Means Focusing On Social Videos

We recently discussed in a previous Influence.co blog post that influencers can make more money creating videos for brands as opposed to simple social posts. But now, studies show there’s a greater incentive for creators to stick to video – and it has everything to do with the changing social media audience.  We all know […]

What Influencer Marketing Studies Reveal About Creator Pay Gaps And Lack Of Diversity

Studies on influencer marketing have seem to hit an all-time high in 2019 as more and more brands and advertisers have begun to embrace the social trend. The Association of National Advertisers reported last year that 75% of ad companies employ influencers – but what exactly are the demographics of the most successful ones? According […]

10 Amazing Instagram Feed Themes You Must Try Right Now

With the level of competition on Instagram, to make your page stand out, you need to be willing to go an extra mile. Whether you’re a brand, an influencer, or someone looking to show their artsy side, you should consider using an Instagram feed theme. Having an eye-catching theme makes it easier for you to […]

How to Write an Effective Influencer Marketing Campaign Brief

One of the essential steps of launching an influencer marketing campaign is to clearly communicate with your influencers about what you expect out of the campaign. This involves creating a campaign brief that lays out all of the campaign requirements such as your campaign goals, what type of content you need, how many pieces of […]

10 Tools the Best Influencers Use

Influencer marketing is not for the faint of heart. It requires dedication to your craft, passion for work, and perseverance that just does not quit. We surveyed our influencers and asked them about the most vital tools in their arsenals. According to research done by Twitter, “20% of users said that a Tweet from an […]

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