The social network usage has become increasingly common in today’s world.

According to projections by, the number of social media users in 2021 will exceed 3 billion people.

The social networks have not only revolutionized the way people connect and interact but also the way businesses engage with their customers.

Organizations are using the social platforms in a variety of ways to grow their customer base, engage their customers, and improve their bottom line.

Using Influencer Marketing

A novel application of social media by businesses is in the area of influencer marketing.

This is a marketing strategy whereby organization partners with social media users with a huge following to promote brands and their products.

The organizations are able to take advantage of the creativity of the influencers and the trust relationship they have with their followers to push their business agenda.

The social influencers are a powerful tool for promoting the release of new products, promoting engagement for existing products, and driving awareness among millions of their followers within a very short time.

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An Instagram post or a tweet can reach millions of followers in an instant and help to significantly drive sales.

Influencers make use of their talents or expertise in a given niche to build an online presence that establishes a loyal audience.

Through this trust relationships, the social influencers have an impact on the behaviors, opinions, and beliefs of their followers including their purchase decisions.

Through influencer marketing, businesses have found a more effective way to reach new, engaged consumers, increase brand awareness, reinforce/cultivate brand identity, and optimize their social media marketing campaigns.

Influencer marketing can be conducted in any of the social platforms.

In this article, we analyze how LG made use of Instagram to promote the release of their new smartphone, LG V20.

With a usage level of over 700 million monthly active users, Instagram influencer marketing is a $1 Billion industry according to

Instagram was an ideal social media network for LG to demonstrate the advanced camera features of a new smartphone in the market.

This is because the platform has a huge user base used to engage with one another through the use of multi-media content such as photo and short videos.

For a long time LG has invested heavily in a global ambassador program including a cross-section of celebrities and social influencers.

For the release of their LG V20 smartphone, LG partnered with renown photography influencers on Instagram to promote the release.

These included Dylan Furst and Jeremy Cohen among others.

The photographers were commissioned to develop, publish, and promote brand-sponsored Instagram posts showcasing the features of the new smartphone, the primary goal of the campaign being to drive awareness of LG V20.

Influencer marketing case study

In addition to creating awareness, the social influencers were to use their Instagram accounts to educate their followers about the advanced camera features of the new smartphone.

Through this campaign, LG reached more than 3.2 Million followers of the influencers they worked with.

Combined, the influencers posted over 100 times with a cumulative total of over 1.2 Million likes and over 10,000 comments.

Within 10 days of launch, LG reported that they had sold 200,000 LG V20s.

Although it is difficult to tell how many of these were as a result of the Instagram campaign, it is clear that the buzz created by the social influencers on their Instagram accounts may have helped quite some bit.

Why use works with brands like LG to connect them to social influencers who can significantly improve their revenue.

Being the world’s largest marketplace for social influencers, hosting over 40,000 of them, is the natural partner for businesses looking to leverage on the over 2.7 Billion active users of social media today.

The platform has developed interactive tools to help the businesses and digital agencies to search the extensive database of social influencers.

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The platform users are able to search for influencers based on their age, their follower counts, previous collaborations and so on.

The platform is not limited to a single view of the influencers online presence but rather provides a 360-degree picture of the influencers across all the social platform.

This simplifies the recruitment process since businesses are able to compare the influencers based on some critical statistics.

Additionally, the platform provides businesses with tools to create campaign pages and open applications for influencers to apply.

Through this simplified recruitment process, businesses are able to tap the best talents and most impactful influencers across all the social platforms.

It is worth noting that the platform is home to over 4,000 brands and digital agencies reflecting the crucial role it is playing in this sectors.

The platform has become the go-to partner for both the influencers and the brands.