The ability to create lists is one of our newest and most useful features. Whether you’re searching for influencers to work with or brands you want to connect with, creating and updating lists within makes it easy to organize and track users. After releasing this feature last month, we recently expanded its functionality to better serve our users.

You can now build up to three lists with your free account (or unlimited lists if you are PRO) of profiles you want to reach out to. Get started by creating a shortlist of brands you want to work with or influencers you want to connect with.

You can compare vital stats on list members, take notes on those you’ve added and send contacts directly from your list.

Plus, users can now make lists public and share them with colleagues and teammates, even if they don’t have an account.


If another member shares a list with you, you can copy that list to your own account and your public lists can be copied by users you share them with. Check out this list I created with our SELECT tier influencers.

To get started creating and sharing lists, select “My Lists” from the main drop-down menu under your profile picture.

You can easily create a new list from directly from your lists page.

To add a profile to a list and track them simply click the “Save to List” button on any profile. You can click “My Lists” from the menu and go back and review at any time.

Log in to your account today to get started with Lists!