We have been incredibly pleased how quickly our campaigns feature has been adopted by both brands and agencies. After talking to hundreds of campaign managers about their experience we’ve started to roll out features to support the most common requests. Today we are launching some of these changes. 

Campaign Qualifications

If you’re an influencer, we are making it a lot easier to see which campaigns you qualify for and which you do not. Each qualifying item on a campaign will now indicate if you meet that condition or not. No more second guessing why you can’t apply to a campaign. Simply go to a campaign page and look at the qualifications section. You will not be able to see this information if you are not logged in.

Campaign Locations

For campaign managers, a common request is to allow more locations. Not all campaigns fit into a single location. We very commonly see campaigns for Canada and North America (due to shipping restrictions) or campaigns for various specific cities where companies have locations. You can now add up to ten locations that will qualify an influencer. As always you can specify locations from the country level down to a single city. City’s will qualify influencers in a small radius around that city (so “Los Angeles” will include folks in “West Hollywood”).

Campaign Accept and Decline

For both parties, getting a quick and clear answer if there is a collaboration opportunity for a campaign is useful. Campaign managers can now enter standard text they want to use to Accept or Decline applications. They may also still choose to reply without accepting or declining yet (e.g. to clarify a rate) with a custom message. We will start to track accept and decline stats on campaigns and eventually publish those as a useful piece of information to both parties.

Amazon Influencer Shop Links

As you likely have seen, we are a close partner with – and big believer in – the Amazon Influencers program. You can now add your Amazon Influencer Shop to your profile. This should drive additional traffic to your store. Also we have groundbreaking launch coming up just for Amazon Influencers. We’re incredibly excited about this and it will require you be an Amazon Influencer and to have an Amazon Influencer Shop link in your profile. You can Apply Here to join the program if you have not already.

Additional Stats

While not campaign-related, we launched an additional set of stats features that let you get a granular understanding of how you’re growing. You can now see month over month summaries as well as day by day stats information for the last 30 days. Just go to the My Stats menu and take a look. For now, your stats are only visible to you.

We have a lot more planned for this summer so please keep watching the site, newsletters, and our blog. If you have any questions at all please email [email protected]. We’d love to help you!