Today we’re pleased to officially announce the ability to find influencers by both location and category. Since we launched the general search feature, over half of our searches have contained a category location. This was a short term solution until we could put a more robust location feature in place. Despite its limitations, it has been an amazing indicator of how valuable it can be to narrow searches to a location.

location search

After talking to a number of users, we decided to introduce a more robust location-focused search feature that allows for users to search by city, state or country. We thought varying levels of granularity matched various use cases we heard. A photographer heading to Orlando, Florida might only want to find influencers to shoot within that city. A brand entering a new country might want a broader set of folks to collaborate within that country. Our new location search lets you do this.


If you have a profile on make sure you’ve set your location up. Once you have, you’ll appear in location searches matching your city, state (US only), and country. If you don’t want to share your location you can simply leave the field blank. You’ll still appear in all category searches that don’t include a location. Try it out, we support multiple locations in search as well (e.g. New York or Los Angeles).