Product Announcement: Multi Channel Profiles

thumbnail introduces Multi-channel Profiles, giving influencers more opportunity to showcase past work and create a professional presence online.

As we gear up for what will be an exciting year in the influencer marketing space, we knew the time was right to introduce a more robust profile for members. Especially as trend reports show that brands will look to hire more influencers with a multi-channel presence in 2017.  We recognize that influencers have a presence on more than one social platform and that to best promote themselves to brands and agencies they needed to be able to showcase their work across multiple channels. With the recent update, influencers can now highlight work on all social platforms – Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest,YouTube, Blogs and more – in one central place, their profile.

It’s simply a better way for influencers to present themselves to the brands and agencies they want to work with.

Claim your profile or login now to create or update your professional influencer presence.


Julianna is the Former Director of Influencers at She's an influencer marketing expert with over 6 years of experience working with brands, agencies and influencers. Julianna is passionate about the influencer marketing space and the authenticity it brings to digital advertising. She is a firm believer that relationships are at the heart of influencer marketing when done well and dedicates her time helping influencers and brands form long lasting relationships.
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