The Ultimate Guide to Pitching Brands

It is a myth that influencers no longer need to pitch brands for partnerships and sponsored opportunities. Despite the increasing numbers of influencer marketing platforms and blogger networks, only a small percentage of influencers are actually receiving inbound work on a regular basis. In truth, the best influencers are still reaching out to marketers and […]

Is It All About Reach?

For many years, influencers were judged simply by the size of their audience. This was a holdover from traditional media metrics that were focused on audience size. Without a better understanding of influencer marketing, brands relied on how many people could potentially see their banner ad or sponsored post. This all seems overly similar to […]

Instagram Influencers

Of the five biggest social media networks, Instagram is growing at an unprecedented rate. In December 2016, it reached 600 million users, growing by 100 million in just six months. In 2012, it had the smallest market share of online adults, but today, it’s second only to Facebook. More users mean more likes on cute […]

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