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The Ultimate Influencer Survey: 1,140 Influencers Discuss the Business of Influence

The world of influencer marketing is expanding fast. Anecdotally, agencies are telling us that an average of 10-20% of traditional consumer marketing budgets are being moved over to influencer marketing spend; most people know someone who makes money from being an influencer and typically you can get influencers with less than 5,000 followers to work for product only, but above that you almost always need to pay. At we wanted to know more so we surveyed over 1,100 of our influencer members to find out how they work in the industry.

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The details, rules and norms of influencer marketing are tough to accurately define and analyze for a number of reasons:

  1. Instagram, blogs, YouTube, Snapchat and Pinterest all operate on completely different reporting and analytics platforms, with varying levels of information.
  1. There are no broadly agreed industry standards around core elements of campaigns.
  1. Influencers themselves, whether working directly, with a traditional agent or through an influencer marketplace are still learning their worth, and the brands are in the same boat.

To create a broader understanding across the industry ran, what to our knowledge is, the largest survey of influencers ever conducted, and we are making the results freely available online.

We were greatly interested in understanding more about the individuals who are building the new marketing alternative to newspaper, television and magazines. We asked questions like how do they choose who to work with, manage brands, formalize relationships and do they invest in their businesses?

We collected over 40,000 data points from 1,200 influencers ranging from a few thousand followers to millions. Below are a few of the key statistics that stood out to us. Or click here for a composite infographic. Whether you represent a brand, or are interested in a specific part of the industry, such as the legal side and the role of contracts, there will be surprising data that will help you work more effectively as part of the influencer industry.

Here are some of our key findings broken out with charts:









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In addition, we culled through the data and found an array of interesting facts:

66% of influencers consider the central theme of their Instagram channel to be Fashion, Beauty or Lifestyle.

31% of influencers post more than once a day.

54% of influencers post 4-7 photographs a week.

29% of influencers post 1-2 sponsored photos a month.

23% of influencers post promoted content more than once each week.

78% of influencers post for their friends brands unpaid.

24% of influencers get 4-6 promotional campaign requests a month

6% of influencers get more than 15 promotional campaign requests each month.

89% of influencers prefer email as the primary way to be contacted about sponsor opportunities; just 3 out of 1140 influencers want brands to approach them through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

32% of promotional campaigns offer cash.

67% of influencers accept less than half of the brand approaches they receive.

Only 9% of influencers said that more than half the campaigns they worked on were instigated by their agent/manager.

49% of influencers charge a flat fee per picture while only 11% of influencers typically work on a performance related basis for their campaign work.

Only 39% of influencers are managing more than one Instagram account, 1% manage 4+ Instagram accounts.

67% of influencers post more than one pic for a campaign.

Only 2% of influencers ALWAYS delete posts after a campaign.

72% of influencers wait at least 5 days to delete a post; 6% of influencers who delete posts will delete posts in less than 24 hours.

12% of influencers say they typically have no control over copy.

56% of influencers want to know who else is working on campaign.

74% of influencers do not have an agent or manager.

Only 14% of influencers get external help creating content or interacting with fans.

63% of campaigns do not use a contract.

53% of influencers work with at least one influencer marketplace.

69% of campaigns come directly through Instagram.

13% of influencers say that their followers are more responsive to sponsored campaigns than no promotional posts.

Facebook is the third most requested channel for promoted content behind Instagram and blogs.

Just 18% of influencers have undertaken specific professional training to better themselves in being a social media influencer.

Peter Davis,

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If you’d like access to the complete dataset for our survey, please email us at [email protected]

Click here for a full Infographic for media use in unedited form.

Influence House Million Person Hangover Party Recap

Blog BannerAs the sun rose so did the influencers and people of Los Angeles. Some from their beds with nothing but a single sock left on, others from the shadows of street lights as the moon disappeared and the LA fog made the realization of staying up all night all too real.

Normally dizzy vision, fuzzy memory and a thumping headache would be something to convince yourself you were never going to drink again. However, for this particular day, it was encouraged, for this means you accepted the challenge to take your heftiest hangover to the Influence house for the ultimate recovery experience.

Upon arrival the choice was seemed clear- retox or detox? For some the decision was instant. Detox with a catered brunch and unlimited Resqwater, followed by a massage from Soothe and an IV drip by The Cure LA, then finished by the pool on an Azza daybed, enjoying the view of the city from the top of Mt. Olympus. Others chose a direct route to retox with champagne, a bloody marry bar, and libations from Fliquor Bean, Voco, Perfectomundo, and in some cases all of the above.

Regardless of which road Influencers chose to take, the bonds formed were apparent for everyone . Brands and influencers became associated, social campaigns were formulated, and a total media reach of over 7million was aggregated. If you were there spot and share your photos below. If you weren’t, bask in envy and relive the event vicariously. Click on each photo to check out more.

The Event:


The Influencers:


The Press:


The Bar:


AZZA Bed In a Box


VOCO Vodka Coconut Water:




Soothe Massage:


Fliquor Bean Coffee Whiskey:


Perfectomundo Tequila:


The Cure LA- IV Drip:


The Million Person Hangover Party : Los Angeles

As an user you are  invited to the Influence House for the ultimate hangover recovery experience.

Sunday June 12 @ 11:00am

Location: Please RSVP

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 9.05.03 AM



Whether you spend Saturday on Mt. Olympus with us or beneath the hills in the city, this is where you want to be come Sunday. Take advantage of the in house IV drips and then pick your poison- retox or detox? Brunch, champagne and bloody marys along with on site masseuses and beverages from VOCO, RESQWATER and FliquorBean will be provided.


(RSVP to [email protected])

For our reference, when RSVP’ing please provide:

Full Name, Instagram username

Number of guests and their usernames



Product Announcement: Search by Location

Today we’re pleased to officially announce the ability to find influencers by both location and category. Since we launched the general search feature, over half of our searches have contained a category location. This was a short term solution until we could put a more robust location feature in place. Despite its limitations, it has been an amazing indicator of how valuable it can be to narrow searches to a location.

location search

After talking to a number of users, we decided to introduce a more robust location-focused search feature that allows for users to search by city, state or country. We thought varying levels of granularity matched various use cases we heard. A photographer heading to Orlando, Florida might only want to find influencers to shoot within that city. A brand entering a new country might want a broader set of folks to collaborate within that country. Our new location search lets you do this.


If you have a profile on make sure you’ve set your location up. Once you have, you’ll appear in location searches matching your city, state (US only), and country. If you don’t want to share your location you can simply leave the field blank. You’ll still appear in all category searches that don’t include a location. Try it out, we support multiple locations in search as well (e.g. New York or Los Angeles).


Today we are excited to launch the blog. There are so many things going on at right now, we wanted a single place for you to check in and see what’s going on. In the coming days and months look out for a slew of product announcements, invitations to events we’re throwing, and a heap of pictures as we get to know more and more influencers as friends around the world.


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