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The 2017 Influencer Guide

2017 is proving to be a breakout year for influencer marketing.  While most publications are sharing strategies and tactics for brands we wanted to take a minute and dive into what this growth means for you as an influencer. We’ve sorted through dozens of predictions and trends about what to expect this coming year and distilled them down to the top 5 that we think you can capitalize on. 

The rise of micro influencers: As influencer marketing establishes its long term position in the marketing channel mix, engagement metrics and ROI will become increasingly important metrics. The shift away from impressions and reach means brands are becoming less concerned with the size of the audience and more with its quality and relevance. Micro influencers – those with 10K or less in reach – have that ability to provide a targeted and niche audience. Our data shows what is intuitively true, smaller audiences tend to be more engaged and open to an influencer’s message – sponsored or not. How to capitalize on it: As marketers look to work with more micro influencers, those that bring the same level of professionalism as large influencers will stand above their peers. Know your rates, have a professional media kit and stay true to your authentic voice by working with brands who align with your audience. Influencers like @thepdxbelle prove micro influencers can be just as professional as those with larger reach.

Understanding of rules and regulations: Every day we hear from influencers and marketers who are worried about the changing guidelines from the FTC. There’s no need to fear these – many of us in the industry view this increase in regulation as a good thing. Guidelines create legitimacy. How to capitalize on it: While the guidelines themselves can be slightly vague the number one thing to keep in mind is to clearly and conspicuously disclose any post that is sponsored. This means including #ad or #sponsored on any sponsored post. Research has shown that 48% of the time, marketers don’t directly ask influencers to include disclosures on their posts. That does not mean it is ok to skip it. Regulators have indicated both the brand and the influencer are responsible for knowing the guidelines and they will not shy away from reprimanding influencers who are not using proper disclosures. If you are receiving anything (not just straight cash compensation) in exchange for a brand post, regulators will consider that arrangement sponsored and you are required to disclose.When in doubt, #ad won’t hurt and will keep you covered.

Authenticity. The unprecedented growth of influencer marketing means audiences are more aware than ever that content they are consuming is sponsored. Many readers and followers are ok with this. As long as the content is educational, entertaining and provides value in the same way your unsponsored content does, your audience likely doesn’t mind. What they will mind however, is if your content becomes inauthentic, if you lose your voice, start posting only sponsored content or otherwise “sell out” to make a buck. How to capitalize on it: Great influencers know how to balance the amount of sponsored to unsponsored content and to maintain their voice throughout. Look for brands whose products you already use and try to establish long term relationships with brands. Know your editorial calendar inside and out – you don’t want to post for competitors within a short period of time. If you use a thoughtful approach to plan your editorial calendar for each week and month you’ll set yourself up for the most success. Last but not least, if you have a negative experience with the product, don’t lie. Talk to your contact and figure out a solution that treats their brand and your audience with respect. In short, be the you your audience loves, influencer marketing works because of authentic voices and storytelling, use that as your guiding light.

Standardization of prices. In a lot of ways, influencer marketing has been the wild west, especially in terms of influencer rates and payments. As influencer marketing becomes mainstream, prices will standardize and the good news is that the influencer hold the reigns. How to Capitalize on it: If you haven’t already established a standard rate card, now is the time to do it. While there will always be circumstances where your rates need to be flexible, you should go into every conversation with a brand knowing your minimum rate for creating or distributing content on every social channel. If you need help determining what your rates should be – check out this great resource created by a longtime blogger.  You can even use to search for influencers similar to yourself  and you’ll start to get some idea about what other influencers in your field might be charging.

Diversification of content, using rich media and real world activations. The days of brands asking for a standard blog post and some social media amplification are long past us. Brands are increasingly looking for new ways to push the envelope, make an impact and reach their audience in an authentic way. This is the prediction we are most excited for. It will lead to brands handing over more creative freedom to the influencers, just as it should be. As brands look to make the most out of their investment in influencers, video will continue to rise in popularity – both long form stories on Youtube and short snackable clips on Snapchat and Instagram will increase. We’ll also start to see more offline activities that tie into online promotions in terms of events, social takeovers and live video. How to capitalize on it: If video is a new concept to you, get started now. Even just establishing a presence on SnapChat or testing out Instagram stories is a step in the right direction. Invest time learning what performs best with your followers. The more prepared you are to take creative control, the easier it will be to collaborate with brands in the coming year. Don’t forget you can add video content to your profile and really show brands what you are capable of creating!

It’s shaping up to be an exciting year!  Make sure you are ready to take advantage of the growth by claiming your profile with Already a member? Login today and ensure your profile is up to date.  

Favorite Foodies

Instagram is packed with pictures of food. It’s enough to make your mouth water even if you just finished posting a delectable picture of your own.  If you’re like me, you are consistently on the lookout for food accounts to follow. Whether an at-home chef looking for an easy recipe to whip up or a foodie who wants new recommendations from across the globe, Instagram is an endless source of food inspiration. The below is a list of my favorite foodies on Instagram. Smells are not included, but if you are interested in contacting them, all can be found on

  1. Everything about @beautifulplate has me all FOMO.  Gorgeous food and recipes all created and photographed by her. With iconic pics of Chicago mixed in, it’s the perfect balance of food and lifestyle in my favorite midwestern city.
  2. I want to be friends with any girl who knows how to eat her way through a city and @cheatdayeats is most certainly that girl! Whether she is at home exploring the culinary scene in NYC or off on her travels (inspired by where she wants to eat next) every post looks like “yum, I want to eat that now”.
  3. From the minute I stumbled upon @coupleinthekitchen I was hooked. What’s not to love about this Austin based pair who loves to travel, cook and eat together.
  4. I am a meat lover, I’m not afraid to admit it. But there is something about @naturallymeghan’s feed.  Anyone who can make a vegan diet look this delicious must be doing something right!
  5. Remember what I just said about meat? Well, lucky for all us meat eaters, there is @allthingsmeaty. You can’t go wrong with a guy who has declared he is made of 90% steak. His adventures around the globe look rather delicious too.
  6. As much as I love following jetsetters on their travels, sometimes what I really need is a gal who simply shares her homemade creations. Thanks to @thedaleyplate I have that inspiration and a variety of southern recipes I can at least attempt to copy.
  7. If you are more of a baker than an aspiring chef, @mykitchendrawer is for you. You wouldn’t guess it from the photos, but Alix is self taught in both baking and photography. Impressive!
  8. @livingthegormet is a relatively new find for me and one I am deliciously happy about. If she’s not sharing recipes that look divine, she’s reviewing wine (my other favorite hobby when I’m not eating.)
  9. Following along with @thehungrychronicles has me wanting to move to Austin. She’s constantly trying out the newest hot spots and her posts usually include tips on exactly what to order.
  10. If I wasn’t following @noleftovers for the excellent photos of food, I’d be following along for the punny captions (see what I did there). The New York based food blogger is currently eating her way through South East Asia and has me cracking up and drooling in equal parts along the way.  

Check out these foodies and more by searching for food influencers on!

How to Create the Perfect Media Kit

Media Kits come in all shapes and sizes.  For many years they were the only way for an influencer to showcase their work and pitch brands for sponsored opportunities. As the industry has grown, platforms and websites (like have emerged with an intent to make it easier for brands to find influencers to work with and vice versa. However, the media kit continues to be an incredibly important tool for influencers to have in their arsenal, regardless of other platforms they may have profiles on.  

Having a media kit gives brands a quick way to see who you are as an influencer. It’s also still very common for influencers to pitch to brands and having a media kit will make that much easier.  A professional media kit will show brands you’re serious and may give you a leg up on the competition. You can also include one right in your profile if you prefer to lead with your digital version first.

Ready to create a media kit? Here’s how in 6 easy steps:

Step 1: Remember the person viewing your profile is busy. They are likely working on multiple projects and juggling countless tasks. Make your media kit worth their time. Keep it short, no more than three pages, and make it aesthetically pleasing. A media kit is reflection of you and your brand, the style and formatting should convey that. If design isn’t your area of specialty, consider hiring someone to do the work for you. The better your media kit looks, the more attention you’ll get for it!

Step 2: Start with an about me and contact page. Brands want to know who you are and if there is a fit in working with you. What types of content do you create? Which industries or categories are you known for. Approach this with the same intent as your social bios and about me on your blog. Contact information and links to your social accounts should be readily available so they can easily see which channels you’re on and look at your presence on each.

Step 3: Show brands what you are capable of creating by showcasing past work and clients. A few examples of your best work and your most brag worthy brand logos will go a long way. It gives brands a solid sense for what you are like as an influencer and highlights what your sponsored content looks like in action.

Step 4: Be up front with your services and pricing. Let brands know which ways they can collaborate with you and how much it will cost. You’ll save a lot of time and unnecessary frustration on both sides by including your standard rates. Everything is negotiable so don’t worry about locking yourself in. We live in a day and age where influencers get to set their own rates and chose the types of collaborations they do, make this known in your media kit.

Step 5: Tout your awards, accolades and media write-ups. All are great ways to show a point of differentiation between you and other influencers in your category. Especially if you’ve got smaller reach, they can provide quick credibility to brands.

Step 6: Know Your audience. Brands are talking to you, but really they are interested in your audience more. If you can get demographics from Instagram or Google Analytics, include them in your media kit. You can keep it simple and start with age, location, gender and household income breakdown of your audience. The more a brand can match your audience to their target customers, the more likely they are to work with you.

So there you have it, in six steps and no more than 3 pages, you’ve created a professional looking media kit to send to brands and agencies. Your media kit can also be uploaded to your profile. Claim your profile today if you haven’t already and get started with an online media kit and professional presence. A profile with can be shared via your public link or even embedded on your site.

Understanding the FTC Guidelines for Influencer Sponsored Posts in Under 5 Minutes

If you’ve done any reading on the state of influencer marketing and where the next year will take us, you know that understanding how to comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines is paramount. It’s not hard to understand why. Influencer marketing has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years and 2017 is poised to be the year this once fledgeling industry becomes mainstream. The more popular a medium becomes, the greater need for regulatory agencies to step in and ensure that the end consumer is protected. Enter the ever evolving guidelines from the FTC.

Many influencers and marketers are made nervous by some of the most recent updates to these guidelines, but you don’t have to be. The guidelines are actually quite simple; influencers are required to disclose their financial arrangement with brands* in a clear and conspicuous way**. The disclosure must be in the same medium as the advertisement*** and must be understandable by ordinary consumers as well as any “reasonable members” of a specific target audience (e.g. children or the elderly, or non-native English speakers)****.

* Financial arrangements no longer include cash compensation only. Receiving free product, a trip,experience or having some kind of ownership in the company all count as sponsorship within the eyes of the FTC. These must all be disclosed. A good rule of thumb is to assume something is sponsored and disclose that to your audience.

** Use #ad or #sponsored and do not hide the disclosure (especially on posts to Instagram and Twitter) amid other hashtags you may be using to promote the post.

*** If your tweet or share to Facebook is promoting a sponsored blog post that share is considered sponsored. If your Instagram post is sponsored, you must disclose it on the post. Disclose on the channel you are posting to, linking back to a disclosed blog post is no longer enough.

**** If the majority of your audience is not english speaking or are children, that needs to be taken into account when writing disclosures. Your audience must be able to understand that the post they are looking at it sponsored.

Here are a couple of my favorite resources so you can understand all the In’s and Out’s of the Guidelines yourself:

The FTC Guidelines should be nothing to worry about as long as you are educated and disclose posts for which you have been paid or received product. We’ve seen that approximately 50% of brands aren’t explicitly telling influencers to disclose their posts. As an influencer, choosing not to disclose a sponsored post may land you in a bit of hot water. When in doubt, hashtag it out.

Protected: Famously Following on Twitter

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Product Announcement: Multi Channel Profiles introduces Multi-channel Profiles, giving influencers more opportunity to showcase past work and create a professional presence online.

As we gear up for what will be an exciting year in the influencer marketing space, we knew the time was right to introduce a more robust profile for members. Especially as trend reports show that brands will look to hire more influencers with a multi-channel presence in 2017.  We recognize that influencers have a presence on more than one social platform and that to best promote themselves to brands and agencies they needed to be able to showcase their work across multiple channels. With the recent update, influencers can now highlight work on all social platforms – Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest,YouTube, Blogs and more – in one central place, their profile.

It’s simply a better way for influencers to present themselves to the brands and agencies they want to work with.

Claim your profile or login now to create or update your professional influencer presence.


Influencer ENGAGE by – Chrome Extention

Finding influencers is hard. No matter how big or small the campaign, which category you’re focused on, or what part of the world you’re trying to reach out to; brands and agencies alike agree finding the perfect influencers is an incredibly time-consuming process.

At, our goal has always been to build products that make the process of building, managing and executing influencer campaigns as painless as possible. So today, we are proud to announce our next innovation aimed at simplifying influencer marketing. Influencer ENGAGE by is a Chrome extension that lets you identify, analyze and save influencers you find while surfing the web.

By installing the free Chrome extension, every time you’re looking at a webpage with one or more Instagram or Twitter user mentions, we’ll let you know when we have additional information on them. Information can include full social media reach breakdowns, locations, and engagement scores. You’ll quickly be able to determine just how influential the people you’re reading about are.

Furthermore, if you see an influencer you might want to work with you can Favorite that account and come back later to connect with them. Influencer ENGAGE works with users who both have an profile as well as over 50M Instagram and Twitter accounts who might not have one yet.

Let’s face it, spending time finding influencers sucks. Our goal was to make it suck less. We think we did a pretty good job with this one. Check it out, and install for free here.

VERIVERA Milano $1500 Makeup Giveaway

We are extremely excited to be working with VERIVERA Milano to give ONE lucky winner $1500 of VERIVERA Milano makeup products.

VERIVERA Milano is a professional makeup line catering to women who favor no-hassle application. From the runway to the studio to your private makeup bag, VERIVERA Milano adapts to all needs while providing women with the same professional experience.

Simply go to @veriveramilano Instagram page HERE and follow the instructions to enter. Entry is free and the contest runs until Dec 23, 2016. Just in time for that last minute holiday gift (even if it’s for you)!

  • The team

Product Announcement : Promote Yourself with Embed Cards and Badges

One of the most frequent questions we get at is how our community members can help promote themselves to get more exposure for brand and influencer collaborations. Today we’re launching a set of features to help you do just that! Whether you have a blog and want to link back to your profile, you’re working with a journalist and they want to show off your stats in their article, or you’re working with an agency who wants to represent you appropriately on their site, we have a feature for you.


We now provide branded badges that allow you to link back to your profile and easily share your influencer resume. Wherever you already link to Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Bloglovin’ or other services, you can now link similarly to We are rolling out various versions in the next week including automatically adding reach statistics as you can see in the example below. Once you install it on your blog, any changes you make will go live on your blog right away. Badges look like this:

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 7.45.58 PM

Embed Cards

Want to take your profile with you or give it to someone else to publish in an article, blog or on a website? Now you can with embed cards. Embed cards lets you configure a quick overview of your profile and grab a snippet of HTML that can easily be placed on any website. The results are dynamic and always update. Here is an example of a live card:

You can find all of these features from your profile page just by clicking the “Promote” menu item in the top right menu where your picture is. As always, we’re looking forward to your feedback on these new features and how we can improve them. You can always send us feedback at [email protected].

For now, happy promoting!

-the team

Miami Swim Week with X newMARK Models X Krave Studios

Swimsuits, sunsets and vibes for days, or a week in fact. hosted newMARK Models in the House earlier this month for Miami Swim Week. It was a whirlwind of castings, runway shows, photo shoots, influencers dropping by for poolside hangouts, parties, afterparties, and skinny dipping till 5am may or may not have happened! The newMARK girls absolutely killed it, constantly staying busy and making moves for the brands and lines they worked with!

Meanwhile, Krave Studios partnered with us to create an incredible short-film to capture the fun and excitement of Swim Week, but with a creative twist. We’re incredibly proud to present Cast Away below, click play now!

MIAMI SWIM WEEK 2016: CAST AWAY – Full Version

For larger video or to like/comment/share visit YouTube here.

MIAMI SWIM WEEK 2016: CAST AWAY – 30s Instagram Trailer

To share on Instagram, download the 60 second trailer seen above by clicking here.

Featured in the Video:

Last night opening & closing @versakini & @ivyconnect xx One down, four to go! #miamiswimweek2016 ✨

A photo posted by Nadia Grace (@nadia_mejia) on

On a play date in Miami for #swimweek with these babes. Check out the snap for more! Search “yngandreckless” ✨✨

A photo posted by RecklessGirls (@recklessgirls) on

PJ to Miami with @nadia_mejia in @yngandreckless on @funboylife #newmarkxmiami

A photo posted by newMARK models (@newmarkmodels) on

Scenes from the House:

Ridin on @yngandreckless snap with @natamals @samblacky @ivuss @kayleericciardi #newmarkxmiami

A photo posted by newMARK models (@newmarkmodels) on

newMARK Pool Fun

Sunset at the House

When your boy is 6’8″ but secretly is a dragon Pokemon. @evans8749

A video posted by Jeff Smith (@realblackvelvet) on


newMARK Models’ Runway Shows

imagine…Le Jardin de HAH 💙 making & breaking trHAHditions at #MiamiSwimWeek

A photo posted by HAH | Hot-As-Hell (@we_are_hah) on

Sam Black DJ’ing the Khaos Swimwear Show

in case you haven’t heard, we’re PRO #frong 😉 | 📷 @katpage #partyinthesun

A photo posted by Revel Rey Swim (@revelreyswim) on

…and Since it’s Miami, there were Yachts!

…and Maybe a Party or Two

Stretch it out with @captainbarto X @newmarkmodels ❤️ @burtwilkins #newmarkxmiami

A photo posted by newMARK models (@newmarkmodels) on


Thanks to Our Partners, Friends, and Family!

A big thank you to Jules Newmark, Captain Barto, Vito Reznik, Ryan Hattaway, Michael Raveney, Jamie Trusheim, Ray Kay, and the rest of Krave Studios team for bringing this magic to life!

A special shout out to both DMB Capital Group and Jeff Smith for throwing some $$$$ at this crazy week, Sol Republic for keeping the models rocking in their headphones, Child of Wild for providing some vibey jewelry, Van Dutch Americas for the speed boat, Mokai Lounge for an amazing night, Dirty Lemon for keeping us all detoxed and refreshed, Rise City Swim, iLandMiami HELI-Boats, Supercars of Miami, Luxury World Traveler, Anatomy Gym, Tavik, and W Hotel South Beach.

Until Next Time

So, that’s a wrap and we’re looking forward to doing things even bigger next year! Stay tuned for influencer experiences at NYFW, CRSSD Festival in San Diego, and Sundance Film Festival!

Brands and influencers that are interested in being a part of experiential marketing alongside of should get in touch here.

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