New Instagram Trends for 2017


We’ve been noticing some hot new trends on Instagram lately. Simply posting selfies, flatlays, boomerangs or even carousels just aren’t cutting it anymore. If you’re an active Instagrammer and want to stay in the know check out these 3 trends we’ve identified so far. We have also included how-to guides for each so be sure to give one or all a try!

  1. Matte is out, Grain photo finish is in! It seems that everything old is new again. Never has that been more apparent than photo finishes on Instagram. Matte photo finish used to be all the rage and now ‘Grammers are taking it one step further for a more vintage film look using grain photo finish.

@jsiegelphotography, @ariannahicks, @pursuitofportraits

This is the easiest trend to try. You can use almost any photo editing tool including Instagram’s to achieve this classic photography look.  

Here’s a quick video tutorial:


2. Boomerang is out, Cinemagraph is in! What’s cooler than Boomerang’s looping short videos? Cinemagraph’s looping short videos mixed with still photography. Mind blown.

@devanondeck on Instagram


Creating a Cinemagraph is not quite as easy as editing for Grain finish.  However, it is still very achievable for most amateur photographers using animations in photoshop.

Here is a video how-to:


3. Trick photography is out, Double exposure is in! Sure it used to be cool to edit photos to create attention grabbing images. Want to know what’s even cooler? Combining 2 photos, usually a human or animal, with a landscape that transitions into each other via Double Exposure.

Some cool examples: @janellesyrese,, @bagus711

Double exposure is definitely the hardest of the three trends and pretty tough to get right. Start by purchasing a template from Creative Market and prepare for lots of layering in photoshop.

If you’re up for the challenge here’s a video guide to help you:


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