Today we introduced a long-awaited feature – Message Inbox

When we started, making it easy to contact influencers was a primary mission of ours.

Most companies in the space required you to fill out lengthy sign up forms to even see who was in their network (most still do).

We pioneered the concept of public profiles where influencers could make themselves freely and easily contactable.

Since then, our community of nearly 70,000 members has developed to include influencers, brands, influencer platforms, digital agencies and reps who work at them.

Not only do we see brands contacting influencers but we see influencers contacting brands (we have over 6500 brands now), brands contacting digital agencies (we have nearly 1500 agencies), influencers contacting talent agencies, agencies contacting brands, and even influencers contacting other influencers to organize collaborations.

As we have always known, messaging is core to community.

When we started, we kept messaging very simple: initiate a conversation on and then take the rest of the conversation to email.

That worked well in the start until brands and agencies started talking to 100s of influencers at a time for campaigns.

Having to store and sort emails from 100 influencers gets very hard, very fast – especially because influencers’ email addresses rarely have much to do with their instagram handles.

Just finding an influencer in your email can be tough.

We needed an upgrade.

leaping lady

Today we present the first version of this upgrade.

Message Inbox allows you to have complete conversations with anyone on the system, see information about them while chatting (e.g. their follower count, location, etc..), and access their application history with you and your team.

You’ll see it feels a lot like other business-centric messaging systems and a lot less like email.

We can still notify you of new messages in email so don’t worry, you don’t need to check in 10 times a day.

If you’re an agency, we’ve considered what you and your team might need as well.

The new Message Inbox has a shared inbox model.

Any team member in your agency can see and respond to any conversation and influencers will see both that the conversation is with you and who the actual team member is they are interacting with.

No more fear that valuable conversations are locked in your team members emails or careful planning about who is going to respond to which influencer.

We think these features alone will be transformational for some of our over 1400 agencies.

While we have a lot more in store for Message Inbox in the coming months, we look forward to hearing your feedback on it.

To find your Message Inbox simply look on the menu under your profile picture.