Finding influencers is hard. No matter how big or small the campaign, which category you’re focused on, or what part of the world you’re trying to reach out to; brands and agencies alike agree finding the perfect influencers is an incredibly time-consuming process.

At, our goal has always been to build products that make the process of building, managing and executing influencer campaigns as painless as possible. So today, we are proud to announce our next innovation aimed at simplifying influencer marketing. Influencer ENGAGE by is a Chrome extension that lets you identify, analyze and save influencers you find while surfing the web.

By installing the free Chrome extension, every time you’re looking at a webpage with one or more Instagram or Twitter user mentions, we’ll let you know when we have additional information on them. Information can include full social media reach breakdowns, locations, and engagement scores. You’ll quickly be able to determine just how influential the people you’re reading about are.

Furthermore, if you see an influencer you might want to work with you can Favorite that account and come back later to connect with them. Influencer ENGAGE works with users who both have an profile as well as over 50M Instagram and Twitter accounts who might not have one yet.

Let’s face it, spending time finding influencers sucks. Our goal was to make it suck less. We think we did a pretty good job with this one. Check it out, and install for free here.