Influencer marketing is a time-consuming activity. It requires finding influencers, reaching out to them, managing content production, approvals, reporting, and finally payment. At our singular goal is to make every influencer marketing easier for everyone involved. Today we launched another way we think we can do that: Collections.

A Collection is a simple concept but it can have incredible time-saving features. Collections are small lists of influencers we love, all from a single category we think is useful. We spend so much time looking at influencers every day we realized we should save everyone some time and share our favorites.

We are starting with simple Collections like our favorite Dog Influencers or our members with large Pinterest followings. Over time we will show you some more powerful ways small curated collections can be valuable.

All our Collections are built on top of our powerful list functionality. We actually build lists in our own accounts and then effectively make them public. This means you can copy a Collection to your own list and then manage it as you like. Add more influencers to it, delete from it or compare influencer stats in one place. And when you’re ready you can email everyone on a list with only a few keystrokes. As we build out Collections we think this might be best starting point for finding influencers on the platform.

Take a look at the new Collections page and the first few Collections we have pulled together. We expect to update the Collections page every few weeks with new ideas and new requests. Don’t hesitate to send us requests for Collections at [email protected]. We have access to lots of data about our influencers on the back end that may not be available in search yet and might be able to whip up a Collection for you.

The Team