With a 2016 eMarketer survey showing that 84% of marketers were planning to launch at least one influencer campaign in the following twelve months, influencer marketing is now at the heart of how businesses conduct their campaigns.

Influencer marketing is creating partnerships with personalities who have significant following and influence in a particular consumer segment.

Social media Influencers can be bloggers, speakers, authors, or experts with an established online presence and a loyal audience in a particular niche.

With over 40,000 influencers and over 1,000 brands enrolled with us, and having reached over a billion people in over 65 countries, influence.co is the world’s biggest platform where influencers, brands, marketers, and agencies connect.

In this article, we analyze how influencers and brands can make use of the tools available in influence.co to grow their ventures and boost their revenue.


Brands often use influencers to grow awareness, affinity, and loyalty.

Because influencers have a broad online presence, they can expose your brand to receptive audiences through the content they create.

At influence.co, we have developed custom tools to help you to recruit and retain the most impactful influencers in order to take your business to the next frontier of growth.

We place at your disposal a database of over 40,000 influencers with a cumulative following of over 1billion followers in all the social media platforms.

We have built a comprehensive search facility to enable you to interrogate this extensive database using various criteria such as age, follower count, previous collaborations and so on.

In addition, we have tools which enable you to analyze and organize the potential influencers you have identified.

These tools allow you to have a 360-degrees view of the influencers across all the social platforms making it easy for you to make comparisons between influencers using several vital statistics.

Moreover, influence.co allows you to create campaign pages where you can display details of your influencer marketing campaigns.

Setup campaign

Through this page, you are able to open applications and simplify the process of recruiting influencers.

Influence.co have easy-to-use communication tools to help you contact influencers and to track the ones you have already reached out to.

Through influence.co, business can easily mobilize effective influencer marketing in any of the following circumstances;

  • Launching a new product: when products are new, it is extremely difficult to make use of product champions to market the products. In such instances, the social influencers who have access to a certain target segment can be used to create a buzz around the new products.
  • Improve brand awareness for existing products: Influencers are content creators who have the trust of their follows and can be used to amplify existing products on visual platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube.


Are you a social media user with a huge following in any of the social media platforms?

Influence.co has something for you too.Influence.co is the world’s largest marketplace for influencers; a place where they come to showcase their work and grow income.

The platform allows you to create profiles of your best work and connects you with potential brands and digital agencies.

We work with over 1,000 leading brands and agencies helping them to recruit the most appropriate influencers for their marketing campaigns.

By joining influence.co, proactive influencers are able to directly connect with your preferred brands and agencies.

Additionally, influence.io has tools which influencers can use to create compelling media kits to marketing their potential.

The media kits can be shared through social media platforms, emails, or sent directly to potential businesses and agencies.

Media kit

Further, influencers are able to view the details of the entities who have viewed their influence.co profiles.

Equipped with such knowledge, you can make informed decisions about the businesses and agents whose campaigns you would like to join.

And that’s not all.

Influence.co provides embedded cards which are updated dynamically.

Consequently, influencers are able to easily access their updated profiles on whichever social media platform they log into.

Bottom Line

Influence.co presents enormous potential for both the social influencers and the businesses grow their income.

Through this platform, the business of social influence has become easier, faster, and more productive for everyone.

By connecting the influencers and the business, the former, on behalf of the latter, are able to create content at the volume and pace that consumers want in the format they want it.