According to the Global Digital Snapshot report by Global Web Index (GWI), as at January 2017, the total number of active social media users were 2.789 Billion. This was a 21% growth since January 2016.

This shows how social we are. The 2.7 Billion people represent a significant section of the world population with whom we can do business. And the good news is that this number is growing each day.

The social media platforms have introduced new ways through which their users can make money.

The latest sensation is influencer marketing. Social media influencers mostly refer to people who have a substantial following in the social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat among others.

Influencers are the people who are holding everyone’s attention; they are actually the ones who are followed and watched by the other social media users. They are the beloved personalities and thought leaders in the social media platforms.

Social media engagement

Influencer marketing is based on the knowledge that social media influencers have a significant or authoritative effect on the behavior or opinion of their followers and thus may affect their purchase decision.

Consequently, businesses are making use of these personalities to influence their fans and followers on what to buy and when. The social influencers are repping products and promoting brands in an ingenious way all the while staying true and unique to their voice and story.

According to Linqia’s “The State of Influencer Marketing 2017” report, 86% of marketers used influencer marketing in 2016 and 94% of those who used influencer marketing believe that the tactic is effective.

Brands, big and small, are willing to pay in order to engage influencers and access their numerous followers and to have big promises of impressions. This guarantees them targeted exposure to the right consumer for their products.

One reason why brands have found influencer marketing a better channel than ordinary electronic ads in TV or radio is because consumers don’t want ads and cannot stand them anymore.

In fact, most modern consumers ignore ads; they skip them, ignore them or just let them run in the background as they turn their attention to their phones.

Additionally, a study by shows that 40 percent of desktop users and 22 percent of mobile consumers in the U.S. use blockers to remove ads from publishers’ websites.

Block ads

Therefore, it has become increasingly important for brands to incorporate their products, services, and offerings in the content that is being consumed.

In order to leverage on the opportunities presented by this new marketing approach, the influencers and the brands must engage only in the most beneficial partnerships. And that is where comes in. presents the social influence marketplace, so to speak. It’s the place where influencers, marketers, and brands meet. It is the largest platform for influencers to showcase their best work and for businesses and agencies to recruit influencers.

So what do we offer?


Influencers and Creators

Once you have created a profile with us, we provide you with tools to create a beautiful media kit which you can use to promote yourself by sharing through your social networks or emailing to businesses and agencies.

Further, we grant you access to our rich database of brands and agencies so that you can select and apply directly to the ones you would want to work with.

In addition, you are able to see who has viewed your profile and to follow up with the ones who might want to work with you.

The platform helps influencers to highlight their work by allowing them to advertise their posts about products and brands they have already worked with. It also allows them to feature press they have received. enables you to consolidate your social network information in one place such that you are able to promote your blog or website as well as summarize your YouTube channel in the same platform.

Moreover, provides influencers with a platform where businesses and brands can easily find and connect with them.


Businesses and digital agencies provides the following functionality to the businesses and digital agencies;

  • An extensive collection of influencers from all major social media platforms. The website has a comprehensive search facility to allow you to search for influencers based on several parameters including location, age, and follower counts.
  • Ability to analyze influencers to understand their engagements rates and previous collaborations. Moreover, there is a tool to compare your favorite influencers’ most vital statistics.
  • Ease of contacting influencers either individually or in bulk using a list.
  • Business pages. Create a page for your business and open applications and allow influencers to apply to you.

As a conclusion, is the best partner for businesses and influencers who want to excel in making modern using social media.

We have over 40,000 influencers and over 1,000 brands enrolled with us. Furthermore, we have reached over a billion people in over 65 countries.

Create your profile with today and start in join make a difference in your career or business.