In the past couple of years, influencer marketing has emerged as a hot discussion in the marketing world- of course for good reasons.

Together with word of mouth, influencer marketing is an incredibly powerful tactic that has been proven to be very useful.

This is because consumers are more likely to trust recommendations given by a third party than a brand itself.

If you haven’t considered using influencer marketing to build your brand credibility and increase sales, here are some interesting statistics:

  • Word-of-mouth, especially from an influential person, directly influences 50% of purchase decision. (source)
  • 93% of marketers recommended influencer marketing as the best strategy of building awareness. (source)
  • 69% of marketing who have used Influencer Marketing considered it an effective marketing tactic. (source)

These impressive stats confirm how having a strong influencer marketing campaign can benefit your brand.

If you’re not sure of where to start, here are helpful tips on how to improve brand awareness with Influencer Marketing.

How to Improve Branding with Influencer Marketing

Get Your Influencer to Endorse Your Product or Service

Brand awareness is essential to your business because even if someone doesn’t buy your product, they know you offer it and can recommend it to someone else who is in need of it.

Finding relevant influencers to your field will help you mobilize consumers that already follow and trust their opinion.

By recommending your product or service to their followers, they will gain trust in your brand since they trust him/her.

Get Your Influencer to Sponsored Posts

When working with an influencer, remember to keep their body of work relevant to your brand.

It’s important to identify an influencer with a following that shares similarities with your target audience.

Once you have identified a key influencer with a strong following in their respective field, get them to sponsor your brand.

Use Social Media Coupon Campaigns Promoted by Your Influencers

Leverage social sites and trending hashtags relevant to your products and give out coupons for your marketing campaign.

The goal here is to create brand awareness and boost sales in the process.

By getting your influencer promote your discount coupons tagged in their blogs and video posts will encourage their audience to purchase your offerings and increase your brand awareness.

You can treat your influencer’s followers with enticing offers such as holiday/seasonal offers, pre-launch offers, or exclusive offers. This will mutually benefit both the influencer and your brand.

Get Your Influencer to Use Your Hashtags

Hashtags are everywhere; from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, to Television and print media.

They make the posts trend by helping link stories together.

Users tend to Like, share, and comment on posts that they like, and companies that can insert their brand hashtags in these kinds of conversation seamlessly are significantly rewarded.

With a little help from your influencer, you can start your hashtag and make it a trend.

As always, always analyze your competitors to know which influencers they are working with and social media platforms they are using to advertise their brand and products.

Doing this will help you come up with better strategies that will help you stand out.

Host Competitions and Giveaways

One of the most effective methods of improving brand awareness is by hosting competitions and giveaways through influencers.

An influencer can promote a particular giveaway to their followers and request them to take specific actions that will help them win discounts or freebies.

For instance, an influencer can introduce your brand hashtag and encourage their followers to use the tag for a chance to win some freebies from your business.

A good way would be to disclose the giveaway product in the post, so participants can know what they are getting.

Your influencer could also encourage their followers to Like your posts or follow your brand’s social media accounts to win a giveaway product.

Ask Them to Contribute to Your Blog

Getting your influence to contribute to your blog, either in the form of a guest post or an interview, will yield great results.

You can even go a step further by doing a video interview.

This will encourage their followers to visit your blog to view the interview.

It’s a great way of boosting your brand awareness and getting traffic to your website.

This will, in turn, improve your ranking in search engine.

Make It Mutual Beneficial and Enticing

When your approach an influencer, the first question they will ask you is, “what is in it for me?” You have to offer something enticing not only to your influencers but also to their followers as well.

This will help create a long-lasting and meaningful relationship between your influencer and your brand.

To make it more enticing, consider offering them an affiliate program where they will be able to generate revenue by promoting your offerings.

This will encourage your influencer to work hard to develop exciting ways to promote your products or service.

Contrary to popular belief, monetary value is not the only reward that can attract brand influencers. In fact, several rewards can outweigh cash including:

  • Offering to grow their audience as well
  • Improving their image
  • Creating quality content for their audience
  • Trying something new such as trips and events

Now that you have some great ideas for creating and improving brand awareness through influencers, keep the following simple tips in mind;

  • People trust people more than brands.
  • Before approaching your influencer, think like them first. Is your content relevant and engaging for their audience?

What can you offer in return for this partnership to flourish? Focusing on their benefits will make them endorse your brand easily.

Analyze your potential influencers thoroughly before approaching them.

Do their audience demographic match yours?

Do their profiles reflect your brand image?

With that in mind, you can create a favorable brand image that can be trusted by your audience.