Do you think that Twitter is dying? If you do, think again.

Twitter continues to be a relevant and dominant platform where meaningful conversations are held.

This makes it an indispensable social media platform for anyone trying to succeed in influence marketing.

Having numerous Twitter followers does not suffice in influencer marketing; you also need to have high engagement rates.

It is an indication that you have a loyal fan base that respects your voice and listens to your opinion.

In this article, you will learn three sure-fire ways to boost your Twitter engagement rates.

How to Improve Your Twitter Engagement Rates

1. Optimize your posting times

This is arguably the most effective techniques you can employ to boost Twitter Engagement rates.

What is the best time to post for your audience?

There is no one time that fits all demographics.

For example, college student and working professionals surf Twitter during different times of the day.

Study the surfing patterns of your target demographic.

Learn about your audience and ensure your posting times align with their schedules.

According to Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, people with the most significant Twitter following and engagement rates achieved this by choosing specific posting times that were aligned with audience Twitter-surfing habits.

2. Visual Content is your friend.

Visual content both pictures and video are an incredibly powerful weapon to an influencer on Twitter.

Extensive research from reliable sources has ascertained that visual content has a whopping 135% organic reach as compared to written content.

This is incredibly high! What an influencer needs to understand is that when people are scrolling through their news feed, they are more attracted to visual content than written content.

An attention-demanding image or a captivating video is likely to get more attention and go viral as compared to written content.

The only rule of thumb when it comes to visual content is moderation; otherwise, you run the risk of losing the audience that wants valuable and useful content.

To boost engagement rates, you need to give your audience the best of two worlds: highly visual content accompanied by well-written articles.

Video content is particularly useful as it is a great way to connect in a personalized and human way to your target audience.

Through short and interesting videos, you can address FAQs and even expand on recent blog topics.

QUICK TIP: Also optimise the colors on images. Knowledgeable and experienced psychologists have ascertained that red is effective in grabbing attention and blue is a powerful tool when trying to instill trust.

3. The body of your tweet needs to engage

Twitter just like any other social media platform has a set of rules that users need to abide by in order to thrive.

To accomplish this goal, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

First and foremost, it is recommended that that all tweets have less than one hundred characters.

Although Twitter allows a maximum of 140 characters, it is advisable to communicate a powerful message in as few words as possible.

The most successful influencers keep one thing in mind: most people surfing the internet are inherently lazy and as a result are likely to pay attention to shorter tweets.

Reliable studies have estimated that short tweets with links get over 80% more retweets than regular tweets.

Finally, always ask your audience to retweet.

Though it seems too simple, studies show that Twitter users are 4 times more likely to retweet when asked.

With these simple tricks, there is no doubt you will be able to improve your Twitter engagement rates significantly.