The role of an influencer is to help a brand in creating relationships with a wide range of prospective consumers.

It goes without saying that to be a great influencer on any social media platform, one needs both a broad social media reach and high engagement rates.

While many people choose to go the easy route and buy a thousand new followers, this is not advisable in the long term.

Sooner than later everyone will realize you are a fake and this will ruin your credibility and substantially reduce engagement rates.

Instagram will notice it too.

How to Gain Followers on Instagram?

If you take your role as an influencer seriously and you want longevity, the best way to gain more followers on any social media platform is organically.

Although boosting Instagram follower count organically requires a little bit more effort, it’s the sustainable way of ensuring everyone who follows you actually cares about your opinion.

1. Optimize Your Instagram account by crafting a great bio and profile

If you want more people to follow you, it is advisable to have your Instagram account fully optimized. Get started by handling the “Instagram bio” section; this is essentially the “homepage” to your Instagram account.

Keep in mind that without an informative bio, attractive image captions, a profile image, and an appropriate and memorable username, the people you are targeting will not have an incentive to follow you.

When designing your Instagram bio, there is only one rule of thumb; be authentic, memorable and always pick a search friendly and easily discoverable username.

2. Consistency is key

Success on social media is not achievable without consistency. To create credibility and foster a trustful relationship with your target audience, you need to post consistently at the same time and a regular frequency.

Once or twice a day at around the same time will suffice. Consistency is also crucial when it pertains to the style of the colors, images, and filters.

Having a unique statement style helps you stand out from the crowd and enables you to perfect a look that appeals to your followers.

3. Have a strong voice

You cannot make a statement on Instagram without having a unique voice that stands out from the crowd. Keep in mind that Instagram is a huge platform with over 600 million active users per month.

You can be absolutely sure that this platform is filled with influencers and like-minded brands that are actually excited and are more than willing to connect with you.

The most reliable way to create a credible voice on Instagram is through engaging with related pages. This is how you get recognition and credibility.

A common mistake that most influencers make when interacting and commenting on other people’s pages is using the same old cliché phrases such as “follow for follow” and “follow me back”.

What most people don’t know is that any action that demands a follow automatically looks like spam. The last thing an influencer needs is coming off and inauthentic and pushy.

Pleasant and friendly comments are the best way to get your name out there and amass a large following quickly.

4. Talk back

Talking back is important because it keeps your audience interested. When your posts are captivating, there is no doubt that people want to see more of you.

Keep the momentum going by liking comments left on your page and actively interacting with all your fans. Active interaction not only improves engagement rates but also makes your followers feel more connected to you.

This ultimately builds trust and credibility which makes such an influencer the perfect advocate for a brand.

5. Compelling captions attracts more followers

There are many people trying to create a mark on Instagram and gain a large following.

To stand out from the crowd, an influencer needs compelling captions that are not only memorable but also attract and retain the attention of the targeted audience.

The captions used on Instagram play a critical role in determining the level of engagement. Here are a few strategies to get an influencer started in the right direction:

  • The most important words should be displayed upfront; Instagram cuts off user’s feeds making it important to feature the most compelling information right at the top.
  • Develop a habit of asking questions; this is one of the easiest ways of fueling your audience to interact with you.
  • Take advantage of emojis; while they can be annoying when overused and misused, emojis are actually a compelling tool that catches the eye.

6. Instagram advertising is a reliable way to reach your target audience

Instagram advertisements are an incredibly powerful way to get the attention of prospective Instagram followers.

This is because through these ads an influencer can showcase their content directly to followers who would otherwise be outside their reach.

The key to success when it comes to Instagram ads is relevancy. If there is no connection, the likelihood of making a sale tanks.

7. Adhere to the 80/20 rule

I am sure you’re wondering what this rule entails! 80/20 simply refers to how the content posted on the Instagram should be divided.

Eighty percent of the content should be valuable, informative and beneficial to the target audience.

The remaining 20% is reserved for advertising and self-promotion. Maintaining this delicate balance is ensures that both parties benefit: the audience gets helpful and insightful information while the influencer gets a chance to advertise and market.

The fastest way to lose followers and credibility on any social media platform is posting recycled, stale and pushy content that does not provide any value.

Content is king; you cannot attract the attention of new followers and retain it if the content is not up to par or beneficial.

Take your time to craft content that is interesting, attractive and intriguing enough to keep people coming back for more.


It takes a lot of effort, patience, commitment and time to amass a large and loyal following on Instagram.

With these 7 tips, an influencer will consistently get the attention of followers who trust their opinions and recommendations.