Not even a decade ago, consumers used to rely on celebrity endorsements and magazine placements to discover fashion brands.

Every fashion enthusiast flipped through pages of favorite magazines, drooling over beauty products and luxurious attires that were far beyond the reach of many.

However, those days are over, and today, many fashion products are is more accessible than ever thanks to the fashion influencers- brands don’t need to spend heavily to get noticed.

Therefore, if your fashion or beauty brand has failed to cut the pages of a renowned, trendy magazine, don’t worry.

How to Find a Fashion Influencer for Your New Brand

While it remains a popular way to gain fame and visibility, you can reach most of your audience through a fashion influencer.

Despite it being a cheaper route to improve your brand awareness, a majority of the people struggle to access influencers.

In fact, according to a report by eMarketer, 75% of marketers struggle to find the right influencers to promote their brand and products.

To help you choose the right fashion influencer, we have put together several tips to help you out. Before we narrow down to the tips of choosing a fashion influencer, you need to identify your target audience first.

Influencer marketing becomes successful when fashion brands know and target the right audience. It doesn’t matter how powerful your fashion influencer is, your campaign will not produce a high return on investment if your products and content don’t reach an audience who cares.

Here is how you can narrow down your options to identify your specific audience; ask yourself the following critical questions;

  • How much does your audience spend on clothing?
  • During which season does your audience buy new accessories and clothes?
  • What is the audience’s fashion style; casual, artsy, vintage, hipster, etc.?
  • What language will appeal to this person?
  • What type of fashion influencer is your audience likely to follow?

The above questions will help you know a brand persona to approach. It will also help your fashion influencer come up with a marketing campaign that suits a specific audience. After this, you can choose an influencer for your fashion product.

Here are the tips to help you find the right ones?

– Find an Influencer Marketplace

Searching influencers on your own can be a challenging task. Sure, you can search online until your fingers turn numb because Google doesn’t provide direction on matches.

Working with a popular influencer marketplace such as TapInfluence makes the process easier. You will gain access to a system that helps you connect with digital fashion influencers and create effective campaigns. Besides, it will help you connect with the right influencers.

– Use Social Media

Many brands find influencers via social media monitoring. Once you get several potential candidates from an influencer marketplace, you need to analyze their profile. Check if they relate well with their followers and also if they are knowledgeable about your type of fashion. This step will save you from getting into poor partnerships deals. You will also be able to gauge your influencer effectiveness.

– Use a Press Kit to Attract Fashion Influencers

Press kits are still relevant and will help you connect with your potential fashion influencer and establish guidelines they will follow.

With a press kit, your potential candidate will be able to decide whether your fashion brand will be received by their audience or not.

Also, many influencers have their media kits or press kits, and you can compare the two to know whether they line up or not. For instance, does the influencer brand tone or photography style match your brand’s image? Does he/she command a sizeable online presence on a particular platform to warrant a partnership? You will learn all these from their press kits.

Besides, you can use your press kit as bait; to impel a fashion influencer to become your brand ambassador based on your product quality, belief systems, values, and other factors.

– Have an Attractive Compensation Plan

Influencers do not promote fashion brand out of their goodness; they expect to receive compensation for their work, especially if it’s their job to create user-generation content.

Compensation structure will depend on your brand financial resources, influencer’s online presence, and other factors.

To attract the right influencers, you can agree to a commission based on sales, engagements, or other metrics.

Alternatively, you can agree to a product sample for every piece of content or brief review they create.

The bottom line here is that you have to make sure you have mutually beneficial goals; both parties need to work as partners. You can’t simply rely on your influencer to create all the content while you are working together.

By mapping each side’s goals, working from there will help you complement one another.

– Make Your Marketing Goals Clear

While using influencer marketing may seem simple than other advertising or marketing methods such as, for instance, television commercials or paid search, – it still needs clarity. Before deciding on whether to promote your brands or not, an influencer will gauge your goals to know if it is a viable goal.

Some of the goals you should have include; increase sales, improve market ROI, increase brand awareness, boost revenue or profits, add to your mailing list, or spark conversation online.

Whatever your goals might be, fashion influencer can help you reach them. However, if they don’t know what you want, how will they help you get there?

Having your marketing goals documented will help you quickly find the right influencer and also help them come up an innovative way of achieving them.

– Use Your Marketing Skills

Fashion influencer gets tens of deals from marketers, and you need to be persuasive enough to win their business over other marketers who are not straightforward or persuasive enough. They get approached about partnership deals all the time.

To make it easier to capture their attention;

  • Explain to them why you feel they will make a good fit
  • Mention several recognition or achievements you have in the fashion industry
  • Describe your brands driving force and your audience
  • Define your unique selling proposal

Wrap Up

While influencer marketing offers a proven and effective strategy to promote your line of fashion, finding the right fashion influencer can be challenging.

It’s essential to find influencers whose tone and beliefs align with your brand’s tone and image rather personalities with a large following.

Using the tips above and influencer search – you can find the influencer that’s right for your brand!