You’ve dealt with digital marketing for quite a while, and you want to expand your product offering with influencer marketing.

Or maybe you want to build a marketing agency that specializes in influencer marketing.

With the increasing demand for influencers, there’s no doubt that you’re going to find a lot of clients to work with.

However, you need to make sure you can deliver quality work and help your clients achieve their goals if you want to maintain long-term success.

This post is going to guide you through how you can build a successful influencer agency that’s beneficial for all parties.

Why Influencer Marketing?

The first question you might have is how influencer marketing can help your agency.

How will it benefit your business?

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First of all, it’s a great way to easily add one more revenue stream to your business.

You can also develop a broader relationship with your clients since you have much more to offer them than your usual services.

What’s great about influencer marketing is that the campaigns tend to be high margin.

So there’s a possibility of raking in massive revenues.

You don’t even need a highly trained staff with technical knowledge to get into it.

The process of pitching to influencers is standardized so you can follow the same map each time.

Plus, it’s very straightforward and you can easily nail it even as a beginner.

What You Need

For your brand to execute successful influencer marketing campaigns, you need to invest in a comprehensive influencer tool set.

This tool needs to fulfill the purpose of discovering ideal influencers.

Look for one that has multiple filtering options so you can easily narrow down the search based on the needs of each client.

You should also be able to keep track of the influencers’ activities and get detailed reports of the campaign ROI from the platform.

In other words, the tool should be able to reduce all the manual labor involved in influencer marketing.

At the same time, you should still be free to run the process with your own preferences and requirements in mind.

Look for a tool that can work across all social media channels.

This is necessary because someone who has massive reach in one channel may not be extremely influential in another.

And if your clients want to run a campaign on a certain social media network, you should be able to easily assess all the viable influencers on that channel. is perfect in all these respects.

What’s even better is that you can align it with your business model.

And it won’t compete against you in the market because the team doesn’t run campaigns themselves.

Plus, there isn’t much financial commitment involved in using the platform so your team can easily master influencer marketing without a huge investment.

Even if you’re working as a team, the platform is perfect to collaborate effectively with every team member.

As a team, you can discover influencers and manage your list of potential influencers right on the platform.

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You can also create, manage, and monitor campaigns here.

What You Should Do

To help run influencer marketing campaigns, there are a few basic steps involved.

As an influencer agency, you’ll have to:

 Discover Ideal Influencers – Help your clients define what their ideal influencer looks like based on their brand values and business goals.

And then conduct a search on the 50,000+ influencer profiles created on

There are more than 20 ways to filter your search including influencer age range, follower count, rate range, gender, and more.

 Connect with Influencers – Once you’ve finalized which influencers to collaborate with, you will have to approach the influencers and send them a   proposition on  behalf of your clients.

You can create outreach templates that you can personalize based on each influencer.

 Build a Campaign – You will have to create a campaign brief to provide influencers with a clear idea of what your campaign is all about.

You’ll have to outline the goals and requirements as well as the type of influencers you need for the campaign.

The brief should also provide influencers with a clear idea of how they could benefit from the campaign.

Based on this brief, the influencers will be able to create content that helps accomplish your clients’ goals.

 Monitor Campaigns – Once you’ve executed the campaigns, you have to closely monitor them to see how they are performing.

It would be ideal to keep an eye on how each influencer is performing so you can tell which ones are delivering the desired results.

You can then make adjustments to the campaign based on your analysis.


These are some of the essential steps you need to take when building an influencer agency.

You need to know exactly what is involved in an influencer marketing campaign.

And you should be equipped with the tools necessary to execute such campaigns.