We know you’ve seen it — all the girls on your Instagram feed advertising detox teas or some brand of makeup. Some people think it’s silly, but what it really is, is lucrative.

Being a brand ambassador doesn’t mean you have to be a girl selling detox tea. What it has to do with is brands and influencers working together for mutual profit.

Influential marketing and brand ambassadors really aren’t something that is new and unheard of, but social media has turned it into something more accessible to your above-average Instagrammer (or any other social influencer).

It’s now easier to get into and more lucrative than ever.

More and more people today, especially millennials, are becoming increasingly open-minded when it comes to finding work as a freelancer rather than working a regular job.

It’s also not too far out of reach.

Becoming a brand ambassador is serious business.

Brands and businesses are looking for engagement. This means they want to see how well you’re able to establish a connection with your followers.

The reason brands reach out to influencers like you is because it draws them customers and a loyal fan base.

The reason you might want to be a brand ambassador goes beyond just making money and selling other people’s products. You can actually build your own brand as an influencer, a blogger, a fashion/model, fitness coach, or however else you are branding yourself.

Some brand ambassadors make a whopping 4k-15k per post!

You can find out more about influencer rates for instagram here.

How Can I Become A Brand Ambassador?

We have some basic tips that can help you get your foot in the door as a brand ambassador.

1. Build Your Followers and Your Engagement

Obviously, someone with one million followers is more likely to be contacted by a brand to advertise their merch than someone with one thousand followers, but what about the difference between someone with 10k followers compared to 20k followers?

The number of followers used to be all that mattered, so people would sign up to services that would give them an overinflated amount of fake followers that never engaged with their page.

This doesn’t work anymore, so don’t rely on your follower count only.

Brands and businesses are looking for engagement. This means they want to see how well you’re able to establish a connection with your followers.

2. Make Your Profile and Content Appealing and Attractive

Brands want to associate themselves with an influencer who is aesthetic — someone who commands an obvious look and feel, someone who draws people to them.

Content is the most important part when it comes to gaining followers and getting brands to notice you.

Make your profile or page attractive and easy on the eyes.

You might notice smaller pages on Instagram talking about their “theme” – which is a specific way they are setting up their posts so that their profile as a whole will appear nice and organized, even when looking at their page in grid-view.

Making sure that your content is attractive and cohesive will help brands identify whether or not you are a good fit for their vibe.

You also want to make sure that you are interesting and can engage with your audience.

These are all things that a brand or influencer marketing agency will consider.

3. Network, Network, Network

If you are an influencer with a lot of followers already you have probably already noticed that networking is the best way to gain followers, to keep followers, and to make connections with important people and profiles.

When it comes down to it, becoming a brand ambassador is a lot like getting a job in the real world. It might all depend on who you know, what relationships you have, and what kind of relationships those are.

You should start out by finding the key people in your niche.

Who are the leaders? How can you get them to notice you?

One way is to actively contact them. You can send an email to the company with a well-written proposal about why you would make the perfect brand ambassador for them. If that doesn’t work, you could always send them a direct message.

There are also more good ways to get noticed by a brand:

  • Actively engage with the big brands in your niche
  • Comment and like their posts, even share it whenever you can on your own profiles.
  • Put yourself on platforms like influence.co which allow you to showcase yourself in front of brands who are actually looking for influencers to advertise their products. This platform makes it easy for both sides, with thousands of influencers and brands who are actively searching for a connection, some magic is bound to happen.

It might not be easy, but it really is possible. Maybe you have to start out for free, but that’s alright.

Remember to always demonstrate your knowledge in your proposals as well as on your posts.

With a little hard work, you can also become a successful brand ambassador.