Instagram is packed with pictures of food. It’s enough to make your mouth water even if you just finished posting a delectable picture of your own.  If you’re like me, you are consistently on the lookout for food accounts to follow. Whether an at-home chef looking for an easy recipe to whip up or a foodie who wants new recommendations from across the globe, Instagram is an endless source of food inspiration. The below is a list of my favorite foodies on Instagram. Smells are not included, but if you are interested in contacting them, all can be found on

  1. Everything about @beautifulplate has me all FOMO.  Gorgeous food and recipes all created and photographed by her. With iconic pics of Chicago mixed in, it’s the perfect balance of food and lifestyle in my favorite midwestern city.
  2. I want to be friends with any girl who knows how to eat her way through a city and @cheatdayeats is most certainly that girl! Whether she is at home exploring the culinary scene in NYC or off on her travels (inspired by where she wants to eat next) every post looks like “yum, I want to eat that now”.
  3. From the minute I stumbled upon @coupleinthekitchen I was hooked. What’s not to love about this Austin based pair who loves to travel, cook and eat together.
  4. I am a meat lover, I’m not afraid to admit it. But there is something about @naturallymeghan’s feed.  Anyone who can make a vegan diet look this delicious must be doing something right!
  5. Remember what I just said about meat? Well, lucky for all us meat eaters, there is @allthingsmeaty. You can’t go wrong with a guy who has declared he is made of 90% steak. His adventures around the globe look rather delicious too.
  6. As much as I love following jetsetters on their travels, sometimes what I really need is a gal who simply shares her homemade creations. Thanks to @thedaleyplate I have that inspiration and a variety of southern recipes I can at least attempt to copy.
  7. If you are more of a baker than an aspiring chef, @mykitchendrawer is for you. You wouldn’t guess it from the photos, but Alix is self taught in both baking and photography. Impressive!
  8. @livingthegormet is a relatively new find for me and one I am deliciously happy about. If she’s not sharing recipes that look divine, she’s reviewing wine (my other favorite hobby when I’m not eating.)
  9. Following along with @thehungrychronicles has me wanting to move to Austin. She’s constantly trying out the newest hot spots and her posts usually include tips on exactly what to order.
  10. If I wasn’t following @noleftovers for the excellent photos of food, I’d be following along for the punny captions (see what I did there). The New York based food blogger is currently eating her way through South East Asia and has me cracking up and drooling in equal parts along the way.  

Check out these foodies and more by searching for food influencers on!