Based on success stories of other business influencers and other dominant entrepreneurs email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools and a key component of the overall marketing strategy.

It allows you to keep a close contact with your target audience and do some follow up, which are all crucial aspects of an effective marketing campaign.

When done properly email marketing can reach a wide spectrum of targeted customers at a low-cost, which is the ultimate goal of any email marketing campaign.

Why Is Email Marketing A Must-have For Influencers?

For us to fully understand why email marketing has become so important for business and brand influencers, we need to take a walk in the past.

For the past few years, the nature of business and marketing has been a lot tougher for many, and this has been a worldwide trend. One of the major reasons is that a majority of products produced today are in most cases of equal quality.

There is an oversupply of these products, and the customer’s income is at the lowest level in decades due to inflation.

When times get tough for marketing efforts, we need to call on the resilience of the most popular influencers of the past and how they tackled this problem.

What appears to have happened is a cleansing process that weeds out the weakest players and leaves the great ones to make even more revenue.

What makes these marketing efforts different? The answer is and always will be they have a systematic approach of creating loyal lifetime relationships with their customers and their spheres of influence.

What does this have to do with Email Marketing?

Let us look at how you can use email marketing as leverage to nurture new clients and solidify relationships with the existing clients.

  • With email marketing, you can connect the desired customers directly to the products or services and information that they need.
  • As a brand or business influencer, you can control when your customers receive the information you want to share. This can be during a big sale, when a new product is being released, or a sneak preview immediately before an important event making them feel special.
  • As a brand influencer, you can use email marketing to send out relevant information, promotions, coupons & invitations to the target customers.
  • You can encourage repeat visits with a simple, effective, and affordable way and establish lasting relationships
  • You can generate leads and sales, maintain your client base and attract new business.
  • Email marketing adds tremendous value to the brand you are influencing with a strategic approach to client follow-up and marketing.

With modern technology, you can create professional-looking campaigns and promotions in just a few quick minutes.

The other great advantage is you can test and measure the effectiveness of a headline or campaign on a small percentage of your database to find the best result prior to extending an offer to the entire list.

5 Benefits of Email Marketing for Influencers

1. Cost-effectiveness

Simply said, email advertising is one of the most low-cost means of marketing.

With it, there is no need for you to worry about printing and postage costs, billboard based advertisement expenses, or even covering the costs of getting ads printed in a magazine.

The only thing that you may invest in, that too if you deem necessary, is that of a particular software that is going to handle the entire marketing campaign for you.

2. Email targeted audiences

If truth be told, out of all the countless marketing methods out there, only email promotions are the one that people actually wish to receive.

There are a number of influencers out there who only focus on sending out emails to those who are on their opt-in list.

This basically makes it possible for them to acquire higher conversion rates for the brand they have been hired for considering that this way, they only send out emails to those who already hold an interest in their products and services.

3. Focus on particular market segments

There aren’t many influencers out there who would want to risk their money by spending it on marketing products amongst people who aren’t really interested in that particular brand.

The best part about emails is that it makes it possible for influencers to send out their advertisement only to people who fulfill particular criteria.

For example, you could easily focus on sending out emails to people located in a particular area.

4. Make the most out of impulse buying

If there’s anything in the world that makes the most out of impulse buying, then its email marketing.

Seriously, with an amazing call to action, it just takes two clicks for your audience to purchase your products.

However, make sure that you have an intensely tempting call to action incorporated in your email together with a link to your website.

5. Easy management

The best part about email marketing is that creating this campaign isn’t difficult at all.

You really wouldn’t need to take on the services of teams to create your campaign and manage it.

You only need to put in a few hours each day to handle your entire campaign all by yourself.

Essential Elements to Help You Nail The Email Marketing Campaign

6. Establish a high-quality email list

When you think of a successful email list, the very first thing that should be taken into consideration is that it should be composed of the best target audience to be the recipients of all the newsletters, tips and special offers that you may be sending.

Some people might think that preparing a really viable email list is an easy task, but then again, this may be very challenging.

Before deciding on the final email list, try to gather as much information about the proposed target audience; if you have to, do research about the track record of the company you have been hired as an influencer.

Attract the attention of the target audience with a catchy Subject Line.

Don’t use spammy words. Create concise statements as people nowadays open their emails using their mobile devices and short subject lines are more likely to provide a better view.

Use statements such as “limited offers”, strong and visible call-to-actions, and integrate the recipient’s name and interests to best capture their valuable attention.

7. Create valuable and relevant content

One of the most vital things you need to keep in mind is creating an exceptional email.

This may seem daunting especially if you are just starting out as an influencer. However, do the necessary research and produce high-quality, relevant and optimized content for the email campaign.

This will be the most superior tool to lure target customers to engage and be a loyal subscriber and customer.

8. Be innovative, artistic and simple

Once the email content has been finalized, be sure to dazzle the recipients with an eye-catching design. You can create a branded design and style that will be based on the likes and preferences of your target audience.

You will nail your email marketing campaigns by integrating all these crucial elements.

Making the most out of email marketing will definitely help boost a brand or business to increase the number of subscribers who are potential customers.

What does this mean for you as an influencer? It means that you will also be enjoying the profits and also other businesses will be looking for you to help promote their brand!