If you’re an influencer, you already know that Instagram is the place to be.

And there’s no doubt that you’re always on the lookout for ways to better monetize your influence.

There are several Instagram features that you can use in order to do this.


Since the introduction of Instagram carousels, users can now upload multiple images without spamming their followers’ news feeds.

You can use them to share photos of products from different angles.

You can also share photos of events that you’ve been invited to, while making sure that your followers don’t miss out on any important photos.

Instagram carousels are also a great way to showcase before and after photos or to post full-length videos.

So you can effectively leverage this feature to engage your audience and better monetize your influence.

Travel and lifestyle influencer, Lisa Linh, frequently uses carousels for her sponsored posts.

The following post is a review she did of Krystal Grand Hotels.

The first post showcases a picture of her by the pool.

She also invites her followers to swipe left to see the full pool and the sunrise view from the hotel.

way influencers use instagram features

Image Source: Instagram

Swipe-Up Link in Stories

If you use Instagram Stories regularly, you will love the swipe-up feature that can direct your followers to the desired website.

All of the people who view your Stories can have the option to directly visit the page you want them to visit.

This is much more convenient than manually going to your profile and clicking on the link in your bio.

This is also a great way for your brand partners to track the traffic coming from you.

However, the “See More” button isn’t very visible.

So make sure you add your own call-to-action with text to invite your viewers to swipe up.

Or if your Story is a video of you, don’t forget to tell your viewers to swipe up.

Mommy influencer, Amber Fillerup, has used the swipe-up link feature in her Story.

As you can see in the screenshot below, she’s invited her viewers to shop for her favorite items on Amazon.

?how to use instagram features as an influencer

Image Source: Instagram

Instagram Polls

Polls in Stories are among the most engaging Instagram features that influencers should leverage.

You can customize the poll as needed, and encourage your followers to vote.

This is a great way to collect feedback from your followers.

But the best part is that you can get your followers to actively engage with your Story.

Influencer Joy Cho uses the poll feature to collect insights about what her audience would like to see more of.

She asked them to vote yes or no on different topics such as home décor, food, etc.

This will help her ensure that she produces content that her audience is more likely to engage with.

Creative ways influencers use instagram features

Image Source: Instagram

This poll feature also works for your promotional posts.

You can showcase two different products from the brand you’re promoting, and ask your followers to vote for their favorite.

Or you can get your followers to vote for what you should do with the product you’re promoting.

For instance, let’s say you’re promoting a brand that sells cooking ingredients.

Come up with two recipe ideas, and ask your followers to vote for the recipe they want you to make using the ingredient.

Or if you’re promoting a clothing brand, ask your viewers to vote for the look that they like more.


Takeovers are among the most commonly used Instagram features in influencer marketing.

Although it’s not an in-built feature per se, it is still something that you can effectively leverage to grow your following and monetize your influence.

Brands often host these takeovers and get relevant influencers to handle the content creation for a set period of time.

During this takeover period, you will be given instructions on what the brand expects out of you.

You may be asked to create a couple of posts relevant to the brand.

Or you may even be asked to take over their Stories for a whole day.

Through this, you can reach a new audience and possibly draw in new followers.

But make sure you thoroughly promote the takeover to your followers on different social media platforms.

This will help you direct your audience to the brand’s Instagram.

And the more followers you’re able to direct, the keener the brand will be about working with you again.


These are some of the best Instagram features that you can leverage as an influencer.

Remember to always maintain your authentic voice, even when you use these features to run promotional campaigns for brands.