The transformative effect of technology has been further advanced by the advent of social media over the past decade.

Almost every aspect of human life has been affected by social media, so much so that it has been identified as the single most defining factor in the 21st-century, both in politics, economics and social-cultural realm.

Inevitably, these powerful social networking tools have had an impact on the way that people transact in business.

Businesses that establish a formidable social media presence stand to reap huge benefits, while those that fail in this accord face the risk of inevitable failure.

The rise of social media has also led to the rise of the social (media) influencer.

These are individual social media users who have gained a significant following that they have now have some degree of “influence” over.

Some are so powerful that voicing a positive opinion of a product or brand could lead to a noticeable increase in sales for the company, while a negative opinion could negatively affect the brand image, and inevitably, the sales of a company.

Content Marketing for Influencers

The power of social media influence has given rise to a new player in content marketing and has created a new niche for those who possess such influence.

Content nowadays comes in many different forms – from videos to images, vlogs & blogs, and even regular status updates that keep fans in the loop.

The influencers who take their content strategy seriously and plan correctly for each channel of distribution (Instagram, Facebook, Blog, etc.) will have the most opportunities.

Brands and agencies, in full cognizance of the powerful position that social media influencers play in content marketing in the age of social influence, have devised ways to use them in their marketing strategies.

They are increasingly approaching and engaging social media influencers in their marketing campaigns in an attempt to generate sales or awareness of their products and/or their brand.

It’s no secret that Influencer marketing is on the rise.
This symbiotic relationship between social media influencers and key business organizations is what led to the rise of

The power of social media influence has given rise to a new player in content marketing and has created a new niche for those who possess such influence. is the social networking platform where influencers can profile their best work and get exposed to business organizations that best align with their audience’s interests.

The tools provided in this social networking site help to facilitate faster, easier and more interactive interaction between brands, marketing agencies and social media influencers, which are some of the most important factors for content marketing in the age of social influence.

For social media influencers, is perhaps the most valuable and revolutionary tool available to them, other than their social media accounts.

The greatest advantage for to influencers, however, is the ability for them to market themselves to clients, rather than waiting for clients to approach them as has been the norm.

This gives them more power to determine the amount of work that they get and the amount of money that they make, thus giving them greater control of their success.

On, they can search for influencers, by location, sex, age and engagement levels.

Furthermore, it provides influencer statistics, showcasing each influencer’s reach and engagement levels across the different social media sites that they have listed.

Through this feature, brands and agencies can choose just the right people to work with.

By opening a business page, brands and marketing agencies can receive submission and applications from influencers who are interested in taking part in their social media campaigns.

They can explain the details of their marketing campaign, allowing influencers an opportunity to apply for the position if they feel like they fit the bill for the campaign.

They can also download an influencer’s online media kit to view their reach and their working cost.

This saves the organization’s time and gives them greater control over the marketing campaign and the teams with which they work to achieve their goals.