Behind the Scenes (or BTS) are designed for influencers to tell the backstory of their collaborations. For some influencers, the interesting backstory will be about photography or editing techniques. For others, the backstory might be about the different shots they took and how they ended up selecting the final picture. A backstory might simply just share some of what was learned about collaborating with the brand.

We designed BTS to be easy to create and visually oriented. Every BTS shows views and likes to track its exposure and resonance with the community. Likes give the community a simple way to show their appreciation for the work that goes into every collaboration.

There are three easy steps to creating a BTS.

Step 1 – Pick the Featured Post you want to tell the backstory about.

Select the Edit Profile menu item and scroll down to the Featured Post section. Simply click to Add or Edit a BTS for your desired Featured Post. You can add as many BTS as you like. If you delete a Featured Post the BTS will be deleted along with it. Only Instagram Featured Posts may have BTS at this time.

Step 2 – Fill out the BTS description

The main content related to BTS is the description. This can be as short as a few sentences about the backstory of the photo or as lengthy as an exposition about what went into the collaboration. Note that any URLs you enter will be automatically linked so users reading the BTS can click through to your content. If you mention a user on with the @username syntax we’ll also auto-link that to their profile.

Note: if you delete the description of a BTS, this will remove the additional BTS functionality from the Featured Post.

Step 3 – Add some tags

Add some tags to your BTS. You can add tags about the subject matter, the tools you used, the versions of software you used, or anything that you think users might search on. BTS tags will become searchable soon and will provide another way for brands to find influencers for collaborations. There is no limit to how many tags you can add.

Promoting your Behind the Scenes

Once you have created your BTS, they will appear on your profile with a BTS tag on the Featured Post. The most recently edited BTS will appear at the top of the Featured Post section on your profile. All BTS will show view and like metrics along with the traditional Instagram like and comment metrics. If a user clicks on a Featured Post with BTS information, it will open the BTS viewer so they can read your backstory.

Once a BTS is published, you can share it with your audience. Simply open the BTS and use the social media sharing buttons or copy the URL and share it directly. All BTS have a unique URL on the site which you can send traffic to.

Featured Behind the Scenes

Our content team constantly looks at newly created BTS to find the most amazing images, collaborations, or educational backstory content. We also watch for trending BTS by view and like count. The best BTS will be featured on our homepage so the community can easily find them.