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Why Personal Brands Are More Successful on Social Media

If you give it a little thought, it starts to make sense why someone can so easily build a personal brand using nothing more than time, blood, sweat, tears, and social media.

The way that social media is designed makes it easy for your typical everyday user to be connected to exactly what and who they want to interact with.

You might think “Yeah, it works for a personal brand, but it works for big brands too.”.

Now that’s completely true; every brand has their place in the sea of social media, but nothing has flourished more than the, now overwhelming, personal brand market.


What Makes Social Media so Great for Personal Brands?

Like mentioned earlier, the very design, the very essence, of social media sets up an audience for anyone who wants to utilize it.

Every single person or company trying to build their brand has access to the same potential audience.

Simply tag your post with a popular hashtag, and you have suddenly reached an audience of potentially millions of people never before possible without the aid of social media.

This simple tool has allowed people who were previously unheard of to become somewhat of celebrities in their own right.

Comedians, makeup artists, photographers, writers, and people from many other niches have been able to amass followings of hundreds of thousands of people.

These individuals have created, through tireless effort, a beautiful brand that is now essentially self-perpetuating.

The connections made with their audience spread from within their audience to the audience that each one of their followers has, therefore, multiplying their popularity exponentially.

Another facet of social media beyond a mere audience to be tapped is the fact that members of that audience are popular influencers.

Social media makes it possible for influencers to connect with individuals who want to grow their personal brand and help them to make it popular quicker than ever. This leads us into our next section.

How Can a Personal Brand Make The Most of Social Media:

Now, we’ve firmly established that social media is the place for personal brands.

But does this mean that every personal brand will make it big?

Absolutely not.

Why is that? Well, to be blunt, some brands are just better than others.

What do I mean by that?

They treat their personal brand as professionally as large brands treat theirs.

There are ways to utilize social media more effectively. This means that promoting a personal brand on social media is just as complicated as any other kind of marketing technique.

That’s right — technique. Some techniques are good, and some are bad. So let’s go over a few ways that you can be more successful than your competitors on social media.

Pay Close Attention to Influencers in Your Niche

What is your niche?

We mentioned earlier that influencers are of great benefit to each other as well as anyone else trying to build their brand.

Even large companies use influencers to extend their reach; this is no different for a personal brand. Search for and pay close attention to influencers in your niche.

Take a look at what they are doing right and what comments on their posts say about them. From this, you can find what you can do for your own brand.

Once you have properly studied the influencers in your niche, it’s time to reach out to them.

Connecting with other popular users and even collaborating with them can allow their audience to fall in love with you as well. Once you form a relationship with an influencer, take a look at their number of followers.

Every single one of them is someone who is apt to follow people like you, and who is more like you than you. Consider them as the ripest of all audiences to gather into your fold.


Keep Your Brand Consistent

It’s important that you keep your username, profile picture, and content recognizable across platforms.

This makes it easy for users who love you on Twitter to find you on Instagram.

Here are some things you can do to keep your brand consistent:

Develop a theme and stick with it.

For Instagram, this means keeping your photos organized in a way that when a user looks at the overview of your posts, they all look good next to each other.

This might not be entirely possible for every niche, but it’s more likely than not that you can apply this tip in some way or another to make your profile more attractive.

For other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, this relates more to the importance of keeping your content consistent.

Consistent Compelling Content

If you’re a comedian, post comedy; if you’re a photographer, post photography.

If I followed someone to see funny or aesthetic content, do I really want them to suddenly fill my feed with their political views? No.

If I wanted that I would have followed a different account. It’s important to keep in mind.

Come up with a unique tagline.

An interesting tagline that can easily identify an account as uniquely you can really make your brand more consistent.

Think of a short blurb that comes from the soul of your brand, and attach it to each of your accounts in some way or another.

Use the same profile photo for all accounts.

This simple tip makes your account immediately identifiable in a long list of similar accounts.

Remember, social media is a big place; it’s important not to get lost.

Personal Brands Can be Extremely Successful on Social Media.

Not everyone in the world is cut out to create a popular personal brand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

If you’re determined, you can succeed where many others like you have also succeeded.

It’s important to rely on your audience and niche as a community.

Your personal community can grow your brand better than any other marketing tool, and it’s all for free.

Social media is essential for any personal brand.

Without it, they are sure to fail.

What is a Brand Ambassador and What do They Do?

One of the most vital aspects of successful brands is visibility.

Reaching out to the target prospect is the only way to get your products and services across to them.

In recent times, the ways with which to reach the client have changed drastically.

What worked just a decade ago doesn’t have the same impact anymore.

Avenues such as TV commercials, radio and full-page spreads in magazines no longer work like they used to.

Marketers have had to come to terms with the fact it is a
different ball game.

Unidirectional communication no longer brings back the numbers you expected a while back.

The new way of getting through to customers involves using brand ambassadors.

Think of your own purchasing habits and see how many instances you have bought an item because someone recommended it or a
friend spoke about their good experience.

These are brand ambassadors who can influence conversions through the simple, effective yet often overlooked word-of-mouth.

What does a brand ambassador do?

A good brand ambassador embodies the brand they are pushing in every way. Their role is to give the brand visibility, mostly for a specific, targeted market.

A company seeking to launch a product they are not known for can gain traction in the market by assigning brand ambassadors who appeal to the specific audience.

It is one of the ways that sport wear companies have made seamless transitions into urban wear. A brand ambassador can inject a new lease of life into a company’s name.

Some of the best-known brand ambassadors are celebrities and high profile personalities.

There is another breed of brand advocates who are emerging.

Social media personalities such as Youtubers and Instagrammers as well as bloggers are also achieving the same marketing goals for product advertisement campaigns.

Social media brand ambassadors are the new crop of influencer marketers who are proving to be a valuable addition to the progressive marketing strategy.

In an ever-changing landscape where new trends are always competing to catch on, the social media brand ambassador (SMBA) helps a company stay visible on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other online platforms.

What do the statistics say about using brand ambassadors?

· The lifetime value of a referral client is 16% higher than that of other customers

Digital channels have made things a bit easier for the brand ambassadors that millennials will respond to.

Word-of-mouth marketing is much simpler when you can talk to hundreds of social media friends about your purchase.

This information is shared in a chain and in the win-win fashion too.

This means that brands can expect improved customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates, lower churn rates and better customer engagement.

· 68% of consumers trust opinions from other buyers and users of a product

This number has gone up 7 points since 2007, which means that influencer marketing is working much better than anticipated.

Most consumers surveyed confess that they trust the product information they receive online.

· 43% of social media users have made purchases after encountering the product on their social media feeds

A lot of sharing and ‘favoriting’ goes on in social media, be it Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter.

A good number of users actually move forward and buy the product after sharing or liking it on social media.

For most consumers, the purchases take place in a week after sharing or liking on social media.

· Millennials and Baby Boomers agree that word-of-mouth does influence purchases

Purchasing decisions about items such as concert tickets, used items, clothes and accessories and even big-ticket items such as electronics are heavily influenced by word-of-mouth according to these two generations of consumers.

With all this information, it seems the logical thing that companies would maximize the use of brand ambassadors in their marketing plan.

However, the sad truth is that while 83% of consumers satisfied with a product are willing to refer, in reality only 29% actually do.

To capitalize on all the traffic and conversions they are missing out on, companies need to take a different approach when it comes to brand ambassadors.

Aside from using well-known figures and professionals to push brands, companies can take advantage of the new type of marketing influencers.

Existing customers and social media personalities are the best brand ambassadors to talk on behalf of the company; they are not dull or predictable, which cannot be said of the typical TV advert.

How to Become a Brand Ambassador – And How it Can Change Your Life

We know you’ve seen it — all the girls on your Instagram feed advertising detox teas or some brand of makeup. Some people think it’s silly, but what it really is, is lucrative.

Being a brand ambassador doesn’t mean you have to be a girl selling detox tea. What it has to do with is brands and influencers working together for mutual profit.

Influential marketing and brand ambassadors really aren’t something that is new and unheard of, but social media has turned it into something more accessible to your above-average Instagrammer (or any other social influencer).

It’s now easier to get into and more lucrative than ever.

More and more people today, especially millennials, are becoming increasingly open-minded when it comes to finding work as a freelancer rather than working a regular job.

It’s also not too far out of reach.

Becoming a brand ambassador is serious business.

Brands and businesses are looking for engagement. This means they want to see how well you’re able to establish a connection with your followers.

The reason brands reach out to influencers like you is because it draws them customers and a loyal fan base.

The reason you might want to be a brand ambassador goes beyond just making money and selling other people’s products. You can actually build your own brand as an influencer, a blogger, a fashion/model, fitness coach, or however else you are branding yourself.

Some brand ambassadors make a whopping 4k-15k per post!

You can find out more about influencer rates for instagram here.

How Can I Become A Brand Ambassador?

We have some basic tips that can help you get your foot in the door as a brand ambassador.

1. Build Your Followers and Your Engagement

Obviously, someone with one million followers is more likely to be contacted by a brand to advertise their merch than someone with one thousand followers, but what about the difference between someone with 10k followers compared to 20k followers?

The number of followers used to be all that mattered, so people would sign up to services that would give them an overinflated amount of fake followers that never engaged with their page.

This doesn’t work anymore, so don’t rely on your follower count only.

Brands and businesses are looking for engagement. This means they want to see how well you’re able to establish a connection with your followers.

2. Make Your Profile and Content Appealing and Attractive

Brands want to associate themselves with an influencer who is aesthetic — someone who commands an obvious look and feel, someone who draws people to them.

Content is the most important part when it comes to gaining followers and getting brands to notice you.

Make your profile or page attractive and easy on the eyes.

You might notice smaller pages on Instagram talking about their “theme” – which is a specific way they are setting up their posts so that their profile as a whole will appear nice and organized, even when looking at their page in grid-view.

Making sure that your content is attractive and cohesive will help brands identify whether or not you are a good fit for their vibe.

You also want to make sure that you are interesting and can engage with your audience.

These are all things that a brand or influencer marketing agency will consider.

3. Network, Network, Network

If you are an influencer with a lot of followers already you have probably already noticed that networking is the best way to gain followers, to keep followers, and to make connections with important people and profiles.

When it comes down to it, becoming a brand ambassador is a lot like getting a job in the real world. It might all depend on who you know, what relationships you have, and what kind of relationships those are.

You should start out by finding the key people in your niche.

Who are the leaders? How can you get them to notice you?

One way is to actively contact them. You can send an email to the company with a well-written proposal about why you would make the perfect brand ambassador for them. If that doesn’t work, you could always send them a direct message.

There are also more good ways to get noticed by a brand:

  • Actively engage with the big brands in your niche
  • Comment and like their posts, even share it whenever you can on your own profiles.
  • Put yourself on platforms like which allow you to showcase yourself in front of brands who are actually looking for influencers to advertise their products. This platform makes it easy for both sides, with thousands of influencers and brands who are actively searching for a connection, some magic is bound to happen.

It might not be easy, but it really is possible. Maybe you have to start out for free, but that’s alright.

Remember to always demonstrate your knowledge in your proposals as well as on your posts.

With a little hard work, you can also become a successful brand ambassador.

Why Invest in Influencer Marketing – The Future of Advertising

It’s time for there to be a shift in the way we look at advertising. Gone are the days of old where invasive ads were the best way to sell things.

You can’t just bombard people with products anymore, especially with the advent of things like Facebook and mailing lists which just continuously tell people that they should purchase X product.

When it comes to the ad world, things are rapidly shifting as the world becomes more cluttered with your run of the mill PPC ads.

But there is a new way for those companies out there who want to make their advertising dollars really matter. This new way is the digital way, known as influencer marketing.

An influencer is someone who has an online persona and has a collection of followers who listen to what he or she has to say. These online influencers shape the thoughts and opinions of people on a daily basis.

Ad companies are pouring millions into these people knowing that the connection between an influencer and their audience provides extreme value.

why invest in influencer marketing infographic

So why invest in influencer marketing?

Simply put, because most people don’t trust advertisements anymore. An advertisement is specially engineered to convince a person to part with their hard money over some product by using flare and spin.

But the problem is that if someone knows that you are advertising to them, they will have their guard up.

Unless they are already a fan of the product, it is hard to get them to consider buying what you have compared to the thousands of other products that are on sale.

71% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product if it is mentioned by a social media influencer

This is where influencers come in.

Statistics about influencer marketing show that that 86% of women look at social media before they purchase a product.

More statistics about influencer marketing shows that 71% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product if it is mentioned by a social media influencer. Why is that? Because an influencer is someone who people trust. Influencers aren’t beholden to any system.

They develop organically through their own initiative, building their social media platform to garner a large amount of viewers.

They aren’t dependent on some corporate source to stay afloat, nor do they answer to a content management system like a cable network.

Therefore, the fans can trust an influencer to be honest with them because the relationship is very close. An influencer is only beholden to his followers, no one else.

This means that when an influencer holds up your product and extols the virtues of it, people will be more inclined to purchase your product.

And that is the answer to the question why invest in influencer marketing. Influencers will sell your product better and faster than through any other traditional marketing method.

Influencer marketing is also cheaper than you would think too.

While an advertising firm might end up spending millions upon millions to run targeted ads on television and Facebook, you can save a lot more money by working with an influencer.

Since there are many influencers online, people who are working to create their own content and share it with the world, you can look for hyper-specific niches. One great example of a niche market that you can focus on is what’s known as the “unboxing market.

Unboxing, if you aren’t familiar with the term, is where someone one YouTube opens up a package and then explains what they find.

They usually review the product, the packaging type, the size, what’s inside, etc. This might sound rather strange to those who aren’t fully aware of the digital revolution’s effects, but did you know that a single video with an unboxing can garner millions of views?

Imagine getting your products to a popular unboxer on YouTube, allowing them to do the advertising for you without coming across as sleazy or insincere?

There is tremendous potential when it comes to putting your money into a social media influencer, because while they are often plugged into hyper-niche markets, they usually aren’t at a point where they are collecting large paychecks for their work.

Some of the smaller influencers would just be happy receiving free products from you, cutting down on your advertising cost.

There are many different approaches you can take when it comes to working with an influencer.

For example, you could simply provide them with a financial sponsorship in exchange for a plug on their program or platform, you could actually get them to host an event of yours or you could go as far as provide them with specific content to produce.

It’s important to know that working with an influencer is a lot different from working with a traditional advertising firm, as influencers build their brands around specific personality types.

They aren’t just going to want to take your product and say the pre-written lines you’ve given them, rather they are going to want to use their own unique personality to advertise for your product.

For every dollar invested in influencer marketing, advertisers tend to make over $5

Influencer marketing is a very new thing and it isn’t an exact science yet.

There is a lot of room for experimentation, discovery, and exploration in this field. From small range influencers who have 10-20k viewers to extremely popular influencers who get millions of views per week, there is a price range for every advertiser out there.

You just have to be willing to work with these personalities that can sometimes be a little unpredictable. But the numbers don’t lie. For every dollar invested in influencer marketing, advertisers tend to make over $5.

These are incredible returns for any investor out there that only come from the powerful organic marketing force known as influencers.

If you’re looking for a way that your company can get in on the influencer investing world, you should consider checking out our Influencer platform, which assists businesses in getting connected to influencers for the purpose of making arrangements and ultimately more $.

This helps take the guesswork out of locating influencers and instead establishes a strong platform where you can focus on putting your money into the right kinds of people.


Why a Social Media Engagement Strategy Isn’t Optional

Social media marketing is still a relatively new phenomenon, but even though it’s new, it’s here to stay — for good.

This means that the brands and influencers who ignore social media engagement as a source of growth and business will be left in the dust with a small fraction of the possible profits. Social media changes the way people see you, the way people feel about you, think about you, and talk about you.

Why you need a social media engagement strategy should already be obvious, but if it’s not, we will outline everything you need to know.

Why You Need a Social Media Engagement Strategy

Social media can be a noisy and confusing stage for everyone trying to utilize it.

Brands trying to build awareness and influencers who are gaining traction both need a solid strategy in order to make it through the thick pool of boring content and really stand out. The issue with most brand’s social media engagement strategies is basically that it doesn’t exist.

The ones who are doing it well easily stand out. It’s all too common that a brand or influencer is unhappy with their strategy. The problem lies in the fact that you aren’t using your oh-so-glorious tools effectively. It’s tough to stay on top of things sometimes.

There are a lot of big social media platforms, and they need to be monitored constantly and posted on regularly to really maximize their effectiveness.

What Are The Benefits?

Social media plays a big part in widening out your brand awareness and even generating leads, popularity, and ultimately revenue. Reaching out to your audience and encouraging them to reach out to you in a positive way will get people talking about you.

Think about it. If you make a great post on social media that encourages a user to comment, then you comment back to them in a funny or personal way, they are more than likely to show their friends and talk about it.

This is an easy way to gain more followers as well as a loyal fanbase. All these new followers are also now potential customers and repeat customers as long as you successfully link them to your website. (This applies to both brands and influencers.)

If you are using social media effectively, you are also making important connections with other popular influencers, brands, or even celebrities.

This might be hard at first, but trust us, it’s well worth the effort.

Thankfully, there are even tools and platforms like that make these connections come easier and faster.

These connections have the potential of expanding your scope of advertisement to a whole new level far beyond what you were ever capable of accomplishing before.

How do I Improve my Social Media Strategy?

There are some simple ways to go about improving your online social media presence. We will outline two simple steps that can increase your effectiveness tenfold.

Simply be engaging, inspiring, and funny.

Plan diligently using tools and platforms that will help you

If you are already implementing these tips to some degree then you may learn how to expand your knowledge and effectiveness, but you already probably have an idea of what we mean.

If you want to increase your user engagement, you have to take the lead. You can’t simply sit back and hope and wish that people will like, share, or comment on your posts.

Is Simply “Being Engaging” Really That Easy?

In short, the answer is no. Being engaging may take a lot of practice.

It’s up to you to take the lead in social media engagement.

You need to take every available opportunity to reach out first. If someone comments on your post — respond to them.

If someone mentioned you or your product in a post — respond to them. It can be something as simple as that which will increase your engagement on social media.

Post amazing content. This is perhaps the most important part of any social media engagement strategy. If your content sucks, then nobody will care about it.
You need to see into the minds and hearts of your audience and really think about what they want to see.

If you post something amazing, people will share it, they will like it, love it, and comment about it.

How Can I be More Effective?

Actually carrying out your strategy is arguably the most difficult part in your attempt to implement one. Maybe you know exactly what to post; you know exactly who your audience is, and you know what they want to hear and see.

The hardest part could be just sitting down and posting it on all the social platforms that you are using. It’s best to post on a daily basis. If you absolutely cannot accomplish that, then it’s best to get as close as possible.

Something like a social media planning tool could be helpful. There are tons of tools online that help you to schedule posts at the best times of day for your followers. You can link all your social accounts to a planning tool and plan posts every day ahead of time and it will do the rest of the work for you.

When it comes to tools that can help you make better connections, you can count on to connect you to the best influencers in your niche.

If you are an influencer, you can use the platform that they’ve created to connect yourself to brands and other influencers in your niche. This platform allows influencers to showcase their best work and style to attract the right kind of attention.

You can even use it to “spy” on your competition and see who they’re working with, and what kinds of post get them the highest engagement.

If you don’t want to be left in the dust by your competition, it’s time to get ahead and boost your social media presence.

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