A few weeks ago we updated our business and agency pricing. We have been really pleased with the response so far. Today we are announcing the next step by moving our existing influencer pricing from $24/mo to $4/mo (or $48/yr). The new plan is only available on an annual basis.

We can’t thank enough everyone who became a PRO member under the old plan so we are giving everyone who is currently PRO a free year under the new annual subscription.

We designed our new plan to allow more influencers to take advantage of the PRO features we offer and to have more control over accelerating their careers. Being able to see your stats, who has viewed your profile, apply to more campaigns and contact others on the platform are all critical activities for those who approach being an influencer as a profession. In the coming months you’ll see us extend these capabilities even further by giving you more stats, demographic information, messaging history and more control over what you share on your public profile. Don’t worry, if you’re not PRO, you can still apply to campaigns, contact others on the platform and see your basic stats.

We also introduced a new plan type designed for individuals who are not influencers. We have a lot of members that work at PR, digital and talent agencies ensuring their clients find and connect with the right influencers and brands in the industry. Our new individual PRO plan (available on a monthly basis) gives them the ability to contact more members on the platform as well as track and organize everything on unlimited lists. To get an individual plan, set your account type to “representative” (in the Edit Profile menu item at the bottom). All existing individual PRO accounts will stay the same.

If you have any questions about your PRO subscription or any of our PRO plans, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. You can see our PRO pricing plans here.

— The influence.co Team