Today we are proud to introduce our second generation agency feature set.

We launched our first version a few months ago and have learned quickly what we got right and what we missed the mark on.


With the new feature set you can:

  • Share which type of agency you are (e.g. talent management vs digital agency)
  • More easily invite and reinvite your clients or talent roster to be managed by your page
  • Create campaigns that are run directly by your agency without needing a brand page
  • Have unique campaign URLs so that brands and agencies can market their open campaigns on their own channels


The last item is really the one that warrants the most attention.

When we launched agency pages, if you wanted to run an influencer marketing campaign for your client, you’d need to get them to sign up as a brand page then have them verify your agency managed them.

That worked for some agencies but others had valid situations where that approach didn’t work.

First, some agencies with bigger brand clients found it was not always possible to have the social media manager of the brand just “sign up for that platform we need to use”.

The influencer marketing team may be a totally different part of the marketing department or the agency might be contracted by a part of the team that doesn’t have access to the brand’s socials.

It makes sense as an influencer marketing campaign could be run totally outside of interactions with a brand’s social channels.

We don’t think this is the best approach always (as there should be a good content and feedback loop between off-channel mentions and on-channel follow up) but we don’t make the rules.

Team work


Second, some agencies want to (or are required) to market campaigns without the brand behind the campaign being public.

For example, an agency might need to find influencers for a campaign for a major peanut butter brand in the USA but not be able to say “Jiffy” anywhere public.

Some agencies actually see this restriction being written into their contracts more often than not sooooo.. as our goal is always to help any way we can , we set out to accommodate these scenarios.

The new agency features are very functional.

One of the first things we did was set turn our own page from a brand to an agency and set up a campaign for ourselves.

If you want to apply to our SELECT program, take a look at our campaign.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our brands team at [email protected].