Today we introduced a powerful new feature for our business pages: campaigns. For the last two months we have been experimenting with how businesses can accept influencer applications and how influencers approach the application process. With over 1000 influencers applying to nearly 25 brands so far it safe to say we’ve learned a lot. Here are some highlights:

  • Brands need to be specific about campaign timeframes, payment, location, and overall expectations to attract top influencers to apply.
  • Brands should be diligent about responding to campaign applications even if an influencer is not a great fit. In each interaction something can be learned on both sides.
  • Using email as the only location that applications are shown is tedious once you start getting 50-100 applications.
  • Many businesses want to run multiple campaigns at once due to geographical constraints or multiple offers as paid versus in-kind only.
  • Being able to communicate with multiple influencers on a campaign at once is critical
  • Applications are the first step in a workflow from discovery to posting and then to reporting (and payment)

With all of this in mind, we revamped our whole approach to recruiting influencers on The good news is the direction our learning pointed us is squarely in line with our philosophy: brands and influencers deserve a place to show off their work (and who they have worked with) and find each other to collaborate with. For the subset of influencers and brands that want more advanced features to do this, we offer our PRO version. That’s our model. Nothing less, nothing more. We don’t run campaigns and we never take a cut of your budget.

Throughout the rest of June you’ll see us launch our new Business Pages (what we’ve been calling brand pages up to now). The first feature in this launch is offering the ability for anyone with a brand page to create a specific campaign for influencers to apply to. Think of this like a hiring page on your website or a company page on LinkedIn. From here we’ll be launching features to help automatically organize applications to campaigns, communicate with influencers throughout a campaign, see which influencers have posted, calculate metrics and generate reports of the content created, and provide much finer controls about who can apply to campaigns in the first place.

We hope this gets you as excited about these changes as we are. I encourage you to check back frequently this month to see what’s changed. If you have a business who wants to run an influencer campaign, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jennifer on our team. She runs our business and agency programs and can help you get set up and going. All for free. Yup. Free. Jennifer can be reached at [email protected].

The Team