Today we are excited to announce broad availability for our Business Pages and Business PRO accounts.

When we started we were compelled by the idea that influencers had nowhere to show off their best work. LinkedIn’s format wasn’t visual enough, Dribbble oriented towards design portfolios and the idea of building your own media kit or website was a daunting and expensive one for most influencers. We set out to build a simple digital media kit site. 1 year and 45K influencers later, we’re pretty convinced that was a good idea!

What we noticed along the way though is that brands and businesses were crowbarring themselves into the influencer-centric format we had designed for these pages. In our experience, when you see customers you never expected trying to use your system for something you didn’t think of, you should lean in and ask a lot of questions. And we did. What we found out was this:

  • Businesses had no easy way to tell an influencer who they were or who they had worked with before and no easy way to establish credibility when doing outreach.
  • Businesses were spending hours each day reaching out to influencers hoping they contacted someone who was both a good fit for them and also liked their products and services.
  • Influencers didn’t want to wait around for businesses to contact them and would rather find brands they liked and apply to them.

So we launched Business Pages. Business Pages give brands and businesses a very simple way to showcase their products and explain who they worked with before. Immediately we saw a huge number of Business Pages being created. We also saw a lot of influencers contacting businesses through them asking if they had projects to work on. So we took the obvious next step and allowed businesses to create a campaign, describe who they were looking for and accept applications right from their page. In only two months time we went from a standing start to 1000s of applications a month.

Today we launched the last piece of the puzzle: Business PRO. Business PRO takes all the features of Business Pages and turns them up to 11. With Business PRO you can:

  • Require applicants meet criteria like follower count minimums, location, engagement rate, blog reach, etc.
  • Contact up to 300 influencers a month outbound
  • Create campaign reports on your influencers to see if they have posted for your campaign and display all the content they have created
  • Export reports to CSV and Excel
  • Be featured on our brands page (which drives 150-250 applicants in the first week)

All of this ads up to a major evolution of our business. Not only are we providing a great (and free) service for influencers but now we can do the same for businesses. Those that want more advanced features can simply upgrade to PRO. Having both influencers and businesses is a virtuous cycle. The more campaigns that are available, the more influencers keep their profiles up to date. The more up to date profiles there are, the easier it is for brands to find influencers. Round and round! We’re really excited to see where this takes us.

If you want to see some of our favorite business pages, check out our features page here.

If you want to learn more about Business PRO check out our pricing page here