Today we’re very proud to introduce Agency Pages. Supporting agencies has always been a fundamental part of our strategy to becoming the complete open platform for the influencer ecosystem. We now support influencers, businesses/brands, and agencies. While we’ve had an agency account type for a while, we’ve always know there was a much better set of features we could deliver. Today we take a big step down that path.

First of all, what the heck do we mean by agency? There are so many different types of agencies that have signed up for in the last year that it’s been hard to narrow down which types to focus on. We finally decided to orient our agency solution around three basic types of agencies who are at the center of the industry:

Talent management and modeling agencies – these companies all have long rosters of talent many of which are now powerful influencers as well.

Digital marketing agencies – these companies manage all or part of their clients’ digital marketing strategy. This might include PPC, SEO,  social media, email marketing, ad buying or even just creative production. These agencies are now tasked with managing influencer marketing campaigns on their clients’ behalves.

PR agencies – long responsible for working with people who get the word out about companies or products, PR agencies have refashioned themselves as knowledgeable players in the influencer industry.

We spent the last few months talking to a lot of agencies that fit those characterizations and some very common themes emerged quickly. First and foremost was that no one in the industry seemed to be catering to the agencies themselves.  Because we don’t run campaigns as a business (or make money off campaign budgets) we don’t view agencies as competition. We view agencies as critical to a healthy marketplace where brands can run campaigns themselves or work with others to do it. If we end up with every digital marketing agency running their clients’ campaigns on top of, nothing would make us happier.

The other big themes we heard were:

  • Its very hard to onboard and manage multiple client profiles whether they be talent or businesses running campaigns
  • You need to be able to easily switch between clients to perform actions for all of them (like apply to the same campaign for 10 different influencers)
  • An agency team needs to work together and share resources such as lists of influencers
  • It’s important to get all the communication between influencers and businesses if you’re a manager in the middle representing either side
  • Recruit new influencers and business clients is hard. How can a platform like ours help do that.

These problems are what we set out to solve and I’m very happy with the simple and elegant solutions we came up with.

The new design of Agency Pages let’s you show off your talent roster and clients. The best way to find new clients is to brag about who you already work with. When you build your Agency Page you’re basically building a client display. We designed this intelligently to let you add your roster all at once and allow them to sign up for in their own time. No more emailing your clients to badger them to sign up for a platform before you can show them off as your client.

Second, Agency Pages let you add your own team members. We heard loud and clear that it doesn’t work to have everyone on the team know and use your central Instagram account login – they can log into with their own accounts. Once they are a team member they can collaborate and work on lists with each other. Shared lists live in the agency account so if a team members leaves your company they won’t take all their influencer work with them.

Lastly, and most importantly, any team member can quickly become any of your verified clients in the system and act on their behalf. Want to have one of your influencers apply to 5 campaigns? No problem, just do so on their behalf. Want to set up and run a campaign for your new business client? Your account manager for that client can do that for them. Team members have full ability to manage your clients’ profiles and act on their behalf.

While there is a lot more we have planned, we think this is a powerful start to supporting one of the most important members of the influencer marketing industry. We look forward to having you try it out.

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Niel Robertson