It is easy to get stuck in a rut when writing blog posts and creating content all day. We all get into routines and the next thing you know every post looks the same! To help break out of the mundane, here are five of our favorite types of content that are great for blog posts, Instagram and other social channels.  If you are looking for ways to spice up your editorial calendars or new ways to approach content we suggest you give one or all of these a try!

Snackable videos these short and fun videos gained in popularity thanks in large part to Tasty by Buzzfeed. They have really taken on a life of their own with many other cooking channels jumping on the bandwagon. Not to mention craft projects, home improvements and  DIY. They’re easy to consume without needing to read a full step-by-step guide or have the volume on. They work well when used as a teaser to drive traffic to another site or to push views on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

Flat Lays are a staple for any Instagrammer. Regardless of your area of influence (fashion, travel, food, parenting, etc.) there is value in creating these both for the wow-factor of their look and the stories they tell. If you have not created a flat lay before, check out some great tips on creating the best images. There is more nuance to do flat lays well than you might think.

Printables have been a blog and Pinterest standard for as long as I can remember. They are great for creating checklists and are a handy addition for meal plans, crafting/DIY posts, gift ideas, personalization or anything parenting related. They add valuable content for readers in any post and present a tangible take away. One of the reasons I love them? They’re easy to add to a sponsored post providing an unexpected benefit to both readers and the brands you work with.

Blog Post Collections and Roundups are an easy way to gather and cross-promote related past content. They are also a fun way to showcase other influencers whose work you respect or admire. We see them frequently used for specific recipe types like crock pot, game day or summer grilling. They can also be utilized for seasonal outfit inspiration, favorite accounts to follow, or even gift guides.

Facebook Live and other live streaming video are all the rage these days. Live video creates highly engaging experiences for both influencers and their audience. It’s an incredibly easy way to get started with video. There is no need for major production equipment or a prepared script. Simply use your phone and engage with your audience by answering their questions while you are live.

Experimenting with different types of content is a great way to attract new followers and engage with your current audience. Let us know your favorite types of content and why by sending an email to [email protected]