Events and live activations are major trends to take advantage of in 2017. There are many benefits to attending an event with a brand sponsor beyond just the opportunity itself.  They are a great way to network with other influencers and brands and are an excellent source for learning new skills and techniques. However, they can be slightly overwhelming. Especially as a first-time attendant, a little planning can go a long way. Here are 5 tips to help make the most out of your event activation experience:


  • Plan ahead. Pay close attention to the event schedule, including brand-sponsored events that usually happen outside the normal event hours in the evenings. Know your goals and deliverables for attending and use that to create your itinerary.  
  • Take a buddy. If you’re lucky enough to have made some friends within the influencer community, traveling with someone to an event is a great idea. You can cut down on costs by sharing a room (if that isn’t included in your sponsorship). You can also cover more ground with two people than you can with one. Plus it’s just more fun to attend a cocktail party or dinner when you know at least one person.
  • Get to know other influencers and cross-promote. Networking is a huge benefit of attending events. Take the time to get to know fellow influencers and start your collaboration relationship by posting and tagging them in pictures. Chances are they will do the same and you’ll gain access to an extended and like minded audience.
  • Charge your phone. You’ll be surprised how much time you can spend on your phone during an event day. Whether you’re Snaping, ‘Graming or Tweeting it’s all happening on your phone. Make sure your phone starts at 100% in the morning and carry a portable power stick charger, or get a Mophie (or similar) charging case.
  • Show up to work. Events are a ton of fun. They are high energy and packed full of parties and opportunities to network. But don’t forget your main reason for being there: work. While networking is great, don’t overextend yourself on dinners and parties. Make sure you get enough sleep and are delivering your best work to the brands and sponsors you’re working with.

Most of all, have fun. We look forward to seeing you at Coachella, Model Volleyball and other events this spring!