With the level of competition on Instagram, to make your page stand out, you need to be willing to go an extra mile.

Whether you’re a brand, an influencer, or someone looking to show their artsy side, you should consider using an Instagram feed theme.

Having an eye-catching theme makes it easier for you to set yourself apart from others in your niche.

More than that, it gives your feed a well-thought-out and professional look.

It mirrors the kind of person or business you are, and helps reassert your brand image.

Having a cohesive look and feel might even cause users to linger on your profile longer and click that all important “Follow” button.

Given what’s at stake, we decided to scour Instagram looking for some brilliant themes.

We’ve compiled this list of our favorites that we think you should consider trying out for yourself.

1. Color Block

If you’re the kind of person who loves color, this is the theme for you.

It’s quite the trend on Instagram right now.

This kind of a color popping gallery adds a young and playful vibe to your page.

You could try using high saturation photos or ones with light pastel colors.

Try to fill as much of the image with bright colors as possible – the bolder the better.

instagram feed ideas

Image via Instagram

2. Minimalistic

A minimalistic theme like the one below leaves your gallery looking neat and organized.

Beautiful to scroll through, it also challenges your creativity as a user.

A key element of such a theme is using negative space photos and fillers.

Sticking to a few key colors will add an additional cohesive element to the theme.

Instagram ideas for your feed

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 3. Monotheme

If you’re particularly passionate about something, then this theme suits you best.

Posting about a recurring subject will help get the most out of this concept.

This is another theme that requires you to have a creativity game that is on point.

ways to theme your feed

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4. Color Coordinated

Color coordinated themes have a way of looking gorgeous in their own right.

Choose a color palette that you like, and make that your theme.

Work around one, two, or three central colors.

Opting for this will require a great deal of strategy and planning on your part.

You’ll have to ensure that all the photos you post on Instagram have a color from your palette in it.

Coordinating your instagram theme

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5. Black and White

Now, this is a classic, and you simply cannot go wrong with this one.

Easy to produce, it makes for a powerful statement.

Without any color distraction, it allows your followers to appreciate the theme and subject of the photo.

It depicts a certain rawness of the subject.

You can even experiment with it using different textures, shadows, unique camera angles, and silhouettes.

It’s the ideal theme for your thought-provoking and inspiring works of brilliance.

Ideas for instagram feed

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6. Flatlays

Flatlays are a recurring theme with brands wanting to showcase their products.

It is the art of taking a photo from above.

These are particularly rare, and will add a different flavor of uniqueness to your Instagram feed.

If you want to tell your story in one quick snap, flatlays are a great way to go about it.

Let your imagination run wild, and share with the world snippets of your life.

This could range from a product or your hobby, to plates of food or the outfit you plan to wear that day.

how to theme your instagram feed

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7. Color Splash

Although this one calls for some time and effort, it’s arguably the most creative Instagram theme on this list.

The concept revolves around making everything in a photo black and white with the exception of one or two highlighted colors.

It might require you to polish up your photo editing skills, but it will be totally worth it.

Have a look at just how brilliant it can be.

creative ideas for your instagram feed

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8. Same Filter and Tint

Another relatively easy way to achieve consistency and cohesiveness in your feed is to use the same filter and tint in all of your photos.

In an instant, your gallery will start looking more organized and well thought out.

Play around with a few filters till you find one that suits you best.

Subsequently, that will become your trademark.

It makes you more recognizable, and people will know it’s a post by you the second they see it in their feeds.

Like Doen and their vintage Bohemian look and feel.

filter ideas to organise your instagram feed

Image via Instagram

9. Puzzle

This is a really big undertaking.

Your feed fits 9-12 photos before someone needs to scroll down to view the next set of posts.

Fill all of those tiles with small slices of the same photo.

They need to be carefully organized, but if done properly, the visual appeal is unmatched.

This is something brands typically use for any big announcements they might have.

The trickiest part of implementing something like this is maintaining a high-quality image after you’ve split it.

You also need to ensure that every individual photo makes sense by itself.

instagram puzzle feed ideas

Image via Instagram

10. Checkerboard

Often also called the “tile theme,” this can make your Instagram feed look very chic.

The idea is to use each square as a tile.

A popular way of implementing it is to share a photo and quote alternatingly.

This makes you look consistent and allows followers to know what you will post about next.

And you don’t necessarily have to use quotes either.

You could use a drawing, an emoji, or even the title of your next blog post.

checkerboard feed instagram themes

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These Instagram feed themes are a sure fire way for you to keep your audience engaged and growing.

With a little effort and some planning, you’ll stand out from the rest of the crowd.

And as an influencer or a brand, you’ll outshine others in your niche.

And if you’re looking for more tips or ideas, you could always use Influence.co to connect with other influencers.